What To Expect From Your Blogger Agency

Yes, you know you should be working with bloggers to further your reach and social influence.  Yes, you understand that bloggers are the new Publicists.  Sure, word of mouth marketing is the hottest and highest converting strategy for brands… but why would you work with a blogger agency?  Aren’t there bloggers just ripe for the picking all over the Australian blogsphere?  Here’s EXACTLY why you should work with a blogger agency.

women bloggers who work with a blogger agency

Your blogger agency has done all the research

Before a blogger is signed to an agency, they’re carefully investigated.  It’s not just about traffic and Facebook fan numbers, it’s about their reputation in the industry.  You can’t have influence if nobody trusts what you have to say!  Our bloggers have authentic influence, they have a stellar reputation, people know, trust and like them.  Oh, and their traffic and social media stats are awesome.

Agency bloggers are pros!

Have you ever run a blogger outreach campaign on your own?  It can be very much like herding cats.  Keeping a bunch of independent and individual voices on the right talking point, ensuring the right content goes out at the right time and then measuring results…  blogger outreach can be a tough gig.  Working with an agency means your oh-so-important message is carefully curated and given a professional push to reach the right people.  It’s just simpler, no cats allowed.

Agencies are staffed by digital marketing experts

Just because a blogger knows everything there is to know about parenting, doesn’t mean she’s also top of the digital marketing class.  A blogger agent is responsible for nurturing talent, growing it up so it can in turn, grow your brand.  Your blogger agency doesn’t mess with the voice, the creativity or the narrative style of the blogger, but we do make sure those stories have the very best shot at being heard.

The whole “agencies are too expensive” thing is a big dirty fib

Yes, there are some very expensive blogger agencies out there, but not all bloggers charge $10,000 plus per post.  By working with a selection of mid-weight bloggers, you’ll be able to get big results on your budget.  Your blogger agency is there to match your brand with the right voice to tell your story.  We deliver return on your blogger investment, no matter how big the investment you had in mind.

It takes the risk out of working with bloggers

It’s that urban myth that keeps brands from working with bloggers – the blogger that hated the product, made a big old social scene…  If it’s your first foray into online public relations, working with a blogger agency means protecting your brand.  Our bloggers are bound by non-disclosure agreements, they’re professionals growing their reputations and they’re genuinely passionate about working with brands.  They’ll be honest about your product. They’ll give a truthful review.  That’s what you need, authenticity!  We would never ask a blogger to work with a brand that was a ‘bad fit’ because nobody benefits from an inauthentic campaign.  And if a blogger has nothing nice to say about your brand, then she was a bad fit in the first place!  By working with our blogger agency, you’re not just protected, you’re guaranteed a perfect fit.

If you’re considering some Social PR, talk to us! We’re all about growing blogs, brands and influence – and we’d love you to join the tribe.

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