What Is #BMB Chat?

What is #BMBchat?

#BMBchat is a twitter chat that gives bloggers, brand reps, PR tweeps and others interested in social media and blogger relations, the opportunity to come together and talk openly with one another. The goal is to connect, learn and engage with each other.

What do we talk about?

The chats are themed around a particular topic and participants are encouraged to go from there, responding and asking questions that are relevant to the overarching theme.

While the chat presents an opportunity for bloggers and brands to connect with each other, it’s not the time for promoting individual blogs or posts.

How do I get involved?

Anyone is welcome to join in, just be on twitter at the designated time and follow the #BMBchat hashtag.

I’ve never been part of a Twitter chat, what do I do?

To follow and participate in a twitter chat you simple need to search for the chat’s hashtag: in this case the hashtag is #BMBchat

There are two things to know. Firstly, how do you find and follow the conversation.

If you use the twitter website you find the chat by using the search bar located at the top of the page:


For those working off Houtesuite, Tweetdeck or another Twitter app you can follow the conversation by searching for #BMBchat and setting up a new column for it.

Once you’ve found the conversation, how do you participate? 

Quite simply, you just join in with your opinion and inlcude “#BMBchat” at the end of each tweet. Throughout the chat we will be asking some different questions to facilitate the conversation and welcome your thoughts – just make sure you inlcude the hashtag at the end of each tweet so we can all see what you have to say!

I don’t use Twitter – where else can I get blogger educationals?