Vero – True Social: Everything You Need To Know About The Latest Social Media App

Just when you thought the world had enough social media networking sites, social media apps and social media platforms along comes a new one. It seems like everyone is now talking about Vero – True Social. But what’s really going on and is this something that you should be considering investing your time in?

Vero - true social | social media app

What is Vero – True Social?

Vero’s whole ‘vibe’ is that they want to create a more natural way of sharing content. There are to be no ads – EVER. (How that will work in terms of them keeping themselves afloat is a bit up in the air – it could be via annual user subscription or sales made via the platform) Vero markets itself as being different and being focused on people rather than profits or products.

How is Vero – True Social different from other social networking sites?

Vero – True Social is a bit of a mish-mash of other social media platforms.
• It’s got some of the connectivity of Facebook in terms of content sharing, friends and followers.
• It’s got the capacity to post photos Instagram-style, including the use of hashtags.

You will have a ‘feed’ that’s similar to what you’ve seen in other social media apps but Vero intersperses your private chats into your public feed. Don’t be alarmed if a private conversation suddenly looks like everyone can see it – it’s part of Vero’s design and it takes a while to get used to.

Vero - true social media app features

What can you share on Vero – True Social?

This new social media app has really embraced the ‘personal experience’ and wants users to really have everything they need in one place. In an effort to, as they say, behave online as you do offline, users can create a post with:
• Photos
• Links
• Music
• Movie/TV
• Book
• Place

In addition to sharing these different options, you can also create collections of your favourite posts and things to enjoy later.

Should influencers use Vero – True Social?

The answer to this question depends on your approach as an influencer.

If you want to be seen as an early adopter, then go for it. Vero does appear to be a more ‘authentic’ experience so if that’s part of your brand, and you like the idea of users having more control and autonomy, then this could potentially be for you.

At the moment, however, there does appear to be a little resistance to VERO as some of the kinks are ironed out and users question the necessity of yet another social media app. If you’ve got energy that could be better spent elsewhere, perhaps an idea would be to continue to invest in the channels you’re already working on but keep an eye on Vero and jump in if it looks like that’s what the other cool kids are doing.

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