Tips for Better Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms are the absolute pinnacle of connection with your audience. You’re in the palm of their hands – literally and figuratively. The decisions your market makes on your social media channels in terms of following and engaging can have an enormous impact on your business. To like or not to like. To share or not to share. To comment and tag or to scroll on by. These consumer actions represent kudos, brand awareness and revenue.

So why do SO many businesses and bloggers not give this area the respect it deserves?

tips for better social media marketing

The Golden Rules of Social Media Marketing

Whether you’re a business running a social media campaign or an up-and-coming blogger trying to carve out your own niche, there are a number of goals (and not #goals) that you should be striving for. Your social media platforms are the bridge through which you can connect with your audience instantly – use them wisely.

You’re In A Community

Be aware of your place, be it brand or blogger. Remember that old saying ‘a man is not an island’? Well, neither is an Instagram account. Your social media platforms cannot live in isolation.
It’s important to form relationships with others. While you may not want to share the work of your direct competition, it would be wise to look sideways and see if there are either people or brands you could highlight without taking any of your own spotlight away. These relationships become reciprocal and could be the ticket to you expanding your audience base.

It’s also a good idea to be reflective on what is actually going on in the world around you outside of your own little brand or blogger bubble. A nod to a topic that’s gaining traction and engagement will connect you to the real world and help your audience see that there is genuine heart beyond the brand.

Connect with your audience using social media

Hit The Books

It’s not all hashtags and filters. Social media is about data and analysis. Look at your numbers – what’s getting you engagement? What isn’t? Look to your competitors – what are they doing that you’re not? Reflecting on data and coming up with strategic plans to improve are far more appropriate than an ad hoc approach. This will ensure that your time is spent wisely and your brand has the best possible chance of making real connections.

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

And we don’t just mean the times and frequency you post.

Social media consistency means forming an identifiable style. For some bloggers, this will mean a series of flat lay images and then an artfully designed shot of a lunch. For some brands, this may mean a highlight on products interspersed with the ‘human’ side of your business – employees having fun or a boomerang of your staff jumping in the air. Regardless of your choice, make it definable and make it consistent.

Blah Blah Blah

Don’t. Just. Promote. Yourself. Your audience will become cynical and switch off plus there are other ways (like your email campaigns) that you can spread that info.

Your social media feed should be constructing a story. The story of you who are and what you represent. Aspirational, inspirational, motivational. If all of your feed is sell, sell, sell then what image will your audience be left with? They’re savvy users of social media – don’t underestimate them.

bloggers having fun with flowers behind the scenes

Who Said That?

Interact with your audience! You can be funny or informative or helpful or compassionate but you have to BE THERE.

We certainly aren’t saying that you should reply to every single comment but you should definitely make yourself heard and let your audience know that you are an actual presence instead of a posting machine. It’s just good business.

Mix It Up

The final golden rule of social media marketing is to alternate your platform choices. Experiment in order to find where your audience actually is and then you can tailor your content to them.

You must, however, use the platforms differently. Facebook is a completely different beast from Instagram and it’s used very differently. Don’t make the mistake of just replicating your content across platforms.

Better Tips for Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is key to reaching your audience and it should be a top priority in your business plan.

Interested in finding out more? Contact Brand Meets Blog to determine the best way your business or blog can make social media work to your advantage.

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