The Zhu Zhu Family Ambassador Program

Mum ambassador programs, which have long been a staple of blogger engagement overseas, have finally caught on in Australia. Most of these programs offer the blogger participants the opportunity to substantially experience the product on offer, some offer payment.

What’s the difference between a blog ambassador program and a blogger outreach program?

A blogger ambassador program is just like any other ambassador program and involves the blogger aligning their blog and reputation with the product and brand involved. The best blogger ambassador roles provide an organic endorsement through working with genuine advocates (as is always our goal!).

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We’ve recently had the great joy of working with Immerse Agency and Hunter Toys, one of Australia’s largest toy retailers, to develop what we believe is Australia’s first mummy blogger ambassador program for a toy company. Kellie O’Brien from Three Lil’ Princesses has been a Zhu Zhu Family Ambassador since August.

The ambassador program has involved Kellie running a three-month campaign on her blog featuring creative posts, personalised sidebar advertising and social media content for the pets. Already, the campaign has generated strong interest from her readers. In return, Kellie received product and ambassador payment. I believe it’s important to offer payment for a program like this as being paid in product isn’t an appropriate way to recognise the value that a blogger offers.

We asked Kellie about her decision to take up this ambassadorship and this was what she had to say… Making the decision to work with Hunter Toys on the ambassador program was an easy one. The Zhu Zhu products are such a natural fit for my blog. They’re age appropriate, easy for me to recommend to others and allow me to be creative and fun with posts – one of the keys to my blog. It’s an honour to be Australia’s first everyday mum blogger to become a brand ambassador for a toy company and share my love for the product with my readers.

What makes a great ambassador? It’s simple – genuine endorsement, seamless content and engaged readership.Kellie’s participation in this program has been a beautiful demonstration of all three elements.

Have you participated in a blogger ambassador program? Have you ever wondered about starting one? What payment do you feel is most appropriate for a blogger ambassador? Love to hear your thoughts.


  1. This is actually the first I’ve heard of it. I’d love to find out more.

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  2. That is fantastic! No, I haven’t been part of an ambassador program, but if the product was a good fit, I’d love to. Well done, Kellie:)

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    • Thanks Sharon. This one has actually been quite a bit of fun!
      I think you’re right – when you’re going to endorse something to the point of becoming an ambassador for the brand, you really do have to love the brand. 🙂

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  3. I think it’s good that there is payment involved with being an ambassador. The work that goes into crafting engaging blog posts is immense.

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  4. Wow this is the first I have heard about it also. What a great idea, especially if you are passionate about the brand in question. Speaking for myself, I would gladly do it without payment involved, because I am just excited to receive new products to try and would consider that to be incentive enough anyway, rather than excepting cash. I use my blog as a creative outlet and because I love doing it, so getting new products to try at home is just an added bonus. For me blogging is more of a hobby, but I can understand also that some bloggers are professional and rely on making an income for their work!

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  5. I have heard a little about Blogger Ambassador Programs and I can see the potential for a brand to do this and they couldn’t have picked a more fantastic ambassador then Kellie with her cute kids and writing wit. It will be interesting to see how they evolve over time and how they do pick a blogger to be an ambassador.

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  6. Congrats to Kellie. Hope opportunities arise for a groovy great grandmother blogger to participate in future programs.

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  7. I love the idea of a Blog Ambassador program as long as it’s a great product that the blogger genuinely believes in. I think as bloggers we work very hard to establish some level of credibility with our readers and if a product is endorsed/advocated then there should definately be some form of compensation.

    Congrats Kellie, I think Zhu Zhu have had a big win having you as an ambassador.

    Jac x

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  8. I have loved reading all of Kellies posts about Zhu Zhu pets, so much so that they are now on the girls Christmas presents lists! Kellie was a natural fit to be the first to be an ambassador, and I look forward to seeing them more!
    I love the idea of a blogger ambassador program and would certainly put my hand up if Canon or Kia needed me!!

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  9. That is great! Congrats to Kellie!! I think it is great when a brand can recognise the value of a blog in a ambassador program and realise the value is worth more than free product!

    No, I haven’t been part of an ambassador program, but if the product was a good fit, I’d love to.

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  10. If I really stood behind the product, I’d do it. Otherwise…I don’t think any amount of money would be enough. 😛 But that’s how I feel about my reviews (which I do a ton of and am going to do 1 a day of, pretty much, come December), too. I won’t write something good about something if I don’t believe it. It just wouldn’t be fair to the readers!

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  11. This is a great post! I like to see that bloggers are the new platform to endorse products. We are REAL people using the products (not celebrities). Most importantly we need to value our work and not offer our services in exchange for free products. It takes time to review, endorse, photograph, write, edit, and publish a post. I would love to hear some ongoing rates for blogger ambassador programs.

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  12. We currently have 3 brand ambassadorships set up. Each has a different value based on what we have to do for that brand. Brand ambassadors only work when you can stand behind the product. We used all these brands before they offered the ambassadorship and knew it was something we could stand behind.

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