Supporting PANDA & Postnatal Depression Awareness Week

One of the things I enjoy the most about running Brand Meets Blog is the diversity of clients we work with and the different ways we can use social media to get people talking. When we work with fashion and beauty clients we can talk about life’s little luxuries, when we work with health oriented clients we can talk about how to live healthier lives. Recently we have been thrilled to work with PANDA – the Post and Ante Natal Depression Association who are the only national organisation in Australia that raises awareness of depression and anxiety during pregnancy and after birth and provides ongoing support services to families to assist in their recovery. They have been hard at work supporting Australian families for the past 28 years and we are are really proud to be partnering with them around this initiative.

Next week is Postnatal Depression Awareness Week. Why?

Because 1 in 7 Mums and 1 in 20 Dads are diagnosed with postnatal depression each year – that’s over 1000 new parents each week. 

Did you know that? I didn’t…

Postnatal depression is insidious because we don’t talk about it – but that has to change. We want that change to start with us – I wrote about Depression & Me…or You following the births of my first two children on my personal blog. Heather and Toushka have shared their powerful testimonies in their blog posts PND & ME and I Knew I Loved Her.

We as a team are proud to be working with PANDA on this campaign because we know first hand how scary and isolating parenting can be and that PND takes many different shapes and forms.

Now it’s time to ask for your help.


How can you get involved?

There are 4 ways you can get involved…

1. Start talking on Facebook.

We are thrilled to share with you a digital postcard that we have developed to get people talking online. Just right-click to save the image below to your computer and then share it via Facebook any time from now. You can share it via your personal profile or on your business/blog pages.

#bePNDaware, postnatal depression, PANDA


If 1 in 7 Mums are or have struggled with PND then I can guarantee you that your community will want, and perhaps need, to hear this message.


2. Start talking on your blog. 

We have set up a blog hop for those who wish to share their own experiences or open their blog up to host the stories of others. You may wish to write a new post or link up an older post.

Please note: PANDA take bloggers very seriously and have created support documents for any bloggers who choose to blog about their experience. These documents provide you with information about responding to any blog readers or commenters who are in need/crisis. The PANDA hotline is also available to talk to any bloggers who need support dealing with specific responses from within their community. You can access that information here: PANDA resources for bloggers.

PANDA have also developed a fact sheet about PND which outlines the signs and symptoms and what to do to get help. You can find this resource and more on the PANDA website.

We’d like to encourage you to add the linky to the bottom of your post as it will direct people to PANDA where they can access support. If you would like to do this then visit the following page to get the code:

3. Let’s your pictures do the talking on Instagram on Wednesday 21st November

Postnatal depression comes in many shapes and forms and we want to get the word out that if you are struggling, there is help available. On Wednesday 21st Novemeber we’d love you to share your photos on Instagram with the black and white filter and the hashtag #bePNDaware

We have developed an Instagram image that can shared on Wed 21 November to spread the word. You can again save this image to your computer and email it to yourself to then upload to Instagram or if you see it in your feed you can take a screen grab and reshare with the hashtag #bePNDaware.


Mostly though, we’d just love you to use the black & white filter on any images you share on Instagram on Wed 21 November.


4. Start talking on Twitter.

The hashtag for the campaign is #bePNDaware so if you are sharing links or images or talking about postnatal depression then we’d love you to include this hashtag in your tweets.


The goal is to encourage people to know the symptoms of PND and where Mums and Dads can find help. We thank you from the bottom of our Mummy hearts for your support!



  1. This is such a fantastic idea and campaign guys – will definitely be supporting in any way I can.

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    • Thanks so much Becci!

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  2. Love your work Louisa. Thanks for the blog hop – a world of support out there (and kindred spirits – in the words of Anne of Green Gables)

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    • Thanks Pip, this is truly a very collaborative effort! Thanks so much for your support and for sharing your story. Kindred spirits indeed x

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  3. This is an amazing campaign and such an important message.Will be flying the #bePNDaware flag for sure – anywhere I can.

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    • Thanks so much for your support Michelle!

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  4. We really need to work together to stop the silence that shrouds depression, especially PND
    Telling our stories, sharing our stories, may encourage others to do the same – and find help
    I really think this is such a great initiative and will find the courage to share my stories next week

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  5. Thanks for this Louisa – I am so happy to be a part of this and to see all the wonderful people joining in the blog hop – such a variety of stories which is great!

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  6. It is so prevalent and yet so taboo, Thank you for taking the time to support PANDA and to all the bloggers who are sharing their story

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  7. Thanks Lousia,

    I would definitely love to get involved. I think I’m too late to add my link, but I will post in on my social media. I whole heartedly support this cause xx

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    • Hi Sarah, you’re not too late at all! 🙂 The link up is still open and I’ve just added your post in there. Thank you so much for sharing your story!

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