The Secret Lives of Mummy Bloggers In Australia

mummy blogger

So ‘mummy bloggers’ are just bored and opinionated mothers right? Wrong! There is so much more to these women than you realise.

If your first thought when you hear the term ‘mummy blogging’ is “Oh my god, what now?” it is fair to say you aren’t alone BUT these ladies aren’t just mums. They are well educated women with a voice!

What is a mummy blogger?

This isn’t a black and white answer. Mummy bloggers come in many forms and cover an insurmountable number of topics on their blogs. They are smart, determined and want the best for their family. This is just one of the reasons why brands want to work with them and why many bloggers cringe when they are classed as ‘just another mummy blogger’.
Other things you should know about mum bloggers include:

Mummy bloggers talk

These women come together as a community. The co-operative culture means mummy bloggers talk to each other, they pick each other up and help one another reach milestones. They discuss brands they have worked with and how the collaborations went.
This gives other bloggers a heads up if they should steer clear or jump on the opportunity. If you think that being rude or trying to intimidate a mummy blogger will benefit you, you will more than likely be boycotted by thousands of her ‘sisters’.
On the other hand, do right by them and you will reap the rewards tenfold.

Hard work pays off

Unlike many believe, mummy bloggers don’t just hang out on social media. They work hard and their work is their art. Bloggers understand that businesses have a particular objective they want to get out there but by dictating how they do it, it will only insult them and could potentially damage your message to their audiences.

Real life experience

You will be hard pushed finding a blogger that will promote just anything. They have integrity and their readers have respect for them because of it. Their real life experience means they want to ensure a product or company is worthwhile and ethical for families before they put their name to an endorsement.

Pure mummy bloggers

What in the world is a pure mummy blogger? It is a blogger who writes solely about her experience as a parent. There are very few mum bloggers in Australia that do this as most also specialise in something else that incorporates parenting into a larger context. This could be education, food, fashion, etc.

Different perspectives

Mummy bloggers are so vast in their views on subjects that even though ten bloggers may cover the same topic, there will be ten completely different perspectives. This is why it is crucial for you to read the blog you are looking at.


Influence is everything when working with bloggers. But how is influence measured? The number of comments on a blog post or the likes and shares on social media? Influence is based on a combination of factors so take all things in to consideration when narrowing your options down.

Mummy bloggers are complex, real and trusted by their readers. This makes them the first choice for brands when promoting products and delivering key messages. Mum blogs are worth their weight in gold!

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