Rebel Meets Curtain Wonderland!

Curtain Wonderland:  Save My Couch!


This week we welcomed Curtain Wonderland and their fabulous new range of cushions to the Brand Meets Blog fold.  Rebel Wylie of Families Magazine Gold Coast and Rebel Without A Pause recently found her young son doing a bit of art in the lounge room.  Never trust the little blighters when they’re being extra quiet.


Curtain Wonderland Saves My Sofa


We worked with Sharon from Proud Media  to save Rebel’s couch with the gorgeous new range of cushions and decorator ideas from Curtain Wonderland.   Rebel styled up a storm, and saved her sofa with pretty soft furnishings and accessories from Curtain Wonderland.


Curtain Wonderland Saved My Couch


Curtain Wonderland Accessories


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