Work With Us!

Work With Us!

Work with a blogger agency that gets brands… and bloggers!

If you’re current marketing isn’t getting you the results you deserve, isn’t it time to start something new?

Who knew blogger outreach could be fun?  If you’ve done your own blogger outreach campaigns in the past and had less that “wow” results, you’ll love the way we act as the “blogger wisperer” for you.  Our blogger campaign strategy will delight you from start to reporting.  We’ve been part of the blogsphere for almost a decade, and worked clientside for just as long.  The biggest mistake that brands make is failing to understand the blogger-audience relationship.  We’re here to help.

  1. Determine the blogger campaign strategy and tactics

How do you make sales when the objective is not to “sell”?  The relationship between bloggers and the audience is about trust and enjoyment.  Audiences aren’t going to engage with blogger activity unless it’s a pleasure for them.  You’re not selling cleaning products, you’re selling the idea that cleaning can be fun/funny/done faster and better.  How to communicate the benefits of your brand without losing audience engagement is the first step.  We draw from an arsenal of proven tactics to get bloggers and their audiences excited – whether it’s a launch event, sponsored posts, ambassador programs… we’re here to match the activity to the results.

2. Find the voices to tell the story

We help you find ways to communicate your message so that we can set about finding the right bloggers with the right voice to make it happen.  Blogger outreach is not just about big numbers.  It’s not even just about targeted numbers.  It’s about finding bloggers who use the right kind of voice to make the campaign leap from the screen and draw buyers into your tribe.  We don’t keep a set roster.  We reach out into our community of 1000+ bloggers to find the right bloggers for your campaign.  Our community has been vetted for reach, influence and voice – so no matter how creative the blogging campaign, we’ll find you the influencers for job.

3. Make the magic happen

If you’ve done your own blogger outreach campaigns in the past, you’ll know it can be a logistical nightmare.  Understanding bloggers and how they work is vital to getting the attendance, activity and reporting needed to properly measure your campaign.  We have the resources to co-ordinate your whole blogger outreach campaign, from start to final report.  You just show up and have a blast.

If you’re doing the same old marketing activities and not seeing the results you deserve, it’s time to try something better.

Isn’t it worth asking what we can do on your budget?

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