Our Bloggers

Our Bloggers

We believe that passionate bloggers create authentic blogger outreach campaigns.

The Brand Meets Blog team live and breathe in the blogger space. We don’t believe in keeping a tight roster of a few general influencers and using them in every campaign. We believe that the best bloggers are passionate about what they do. You can’t be passionate about the brands you work with if you work with EVERY. SINGLE. BRAND.  Your campaign will include only passionate professional bloggers from across the Australian blogsphere.  From top tier influencers talking to hundreds of thousands of eager followers to highly targeted niche bloggers already influencing audiences in your digital space.  We choose only professional, influential bloggers for your campaigns, but we spend more time on identifying the right bloggers, because we know that’s how to get real results.

Find bloggers in your niche

Our network of bloggers includes hundreds of niches and locations across Australia.  Looking for a food blogger in Sydney?  Our only question is “What kind of food?”  We’ll deliver you top tier bloggers, reaching hundreds of thousands of potential customers, as well as niche bloggers who talk to an audience passionate about Thai food in Sydney.

Learn more about our bloggers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and all over Australia.

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