Big Love For Our Australian Bloggers!

Big Love For Our Australian Bloggers!

Howard’s Storage World – Catalogue Launch Campaign… Meets Blog

Does blogger outreach work for launches?

“Brand Meets Blog were instrumental in providing assistance and experience in launching the Howards Storage World Catalogue to a collective group of influential Australian bloggers. The post event success has been amazing. Not only did it enable us to launch our catalogue but it also provided us with a platform to connect and engage with perfectly aligned bloggers. The whole process incredibly easy and enjoyable.”
Jillian Hogan, Marketing Projects Manager, Howards Storage World


Kellogg’s Australia – Family Breakfast Campaign… Meets Blog

Does blogger outreach work for marketing campaigns?

“Working with BMB has been massively rewarding but above all, an absolute pleasure. BMB has provided us with invaluable insight every step of the way and has enabled us to develop some great relationships within the Australian mum blogging community. BMB is able to find the perfect balance between brands and bloggers so that ultimately everyone walks away having gained something from the introduction. We’re looking forward to a long-lasting relationship with BMB and the fantastic mum bloggers that BMB has helped us engage with.” Gareth Lucy, Corporate Communications & PR Manager, Kellogg Australia

See the case study here.

Garnier Product Launch… Meets Blog

Does blogger outreach create compelling online chatter?

“Garnier wanted to generate word of mouth, buzz and trial around a new product and extend the reach of the campaign beyond traditional advertising to include blogs and other key social media channels. Through BMB’s strong connections and influence in the digital world, we enlisted the team at Brand Meets Blog to help us strategically align our campaign with credible and prominent Australian bloggers. The result was an unprecedented number of conversations in the digital environment…about the number one product in skincare!”  Georgia Reid, Communications Manager, Garnier


360 Immerse Agency…Meets Blog

Does blogger outreach work for agencies?

“The Brand Meets Blog is a valuable resource for connecting and engaging with influential personal bloggers. Being able to utilise the insights provided assists in saving time for both PR professionals and bloggers. Brand Meets Blog really is a must-have for anyone working within the blogosphere.’’ Michelle Palmer, Director 360 Immerse Agency


Destination Gippsland… Meets Blog

Does blogger outreach work for destination marketing?

“Mr Archibald said he chose to work with mummy bloggers – a relationship established via Brand Meets Blog – because of the integrity they had to offer regional tourism. With BMB the integrity is sound and we’re looking for bloggers to send an authentic message to consumers.’’ James Archibald, Marketing and Project Manager Destination Gippsland


Why the big brands love our Aussie Bloggers

Brand Meets Blog’s success is in its difference. Other leading Australian blogger agencies keep a small roster of bloggers which they represent… at a premium. Brand Meets Blog instead developed a network of dedicated and professional Australian bloggers with diverse audiences and voices. That means we can match-make the perfect blogger outreach campaign for your brand. Ready to join the ranks of Kellogg and Disney?