Campaign Options

Campaign Options

Blogger Activities

We’ll help you match the ideal activities to your blogger campaign.  Need lots of images?  Want to grow your Instagram presence?  Looking for plenty of engaging content to rank in search results?  We’ll look at your campaign objectives and structure blogger activities around key KPIs.


Just a few blogger activities that can grow your brand!

Bloggers Gallery

Sampling Events

Bring your client’s core influencers together for a content frenzy!  Create an event that not only drives amplification and engagement but excites your influencers. Bring them together for a delightful social event, with your product at the centre of the conversation.  Our bloggers are passionate about their blogs and their clients.  We don’t over-expose them to brands so it never feels like “just work”.

Campaign:  Kellogg’s




Garnier Demonstration

Feature Demonstrations and Reviews

Put your exciting new product in the hands to the blogger and let them tell the story.  Your client’s product becomes part of the blogger’s experience, and she shares that experience with her audience.  She’ll start an authentic and engaging conversation with your key demographic.

Campaign: Garnier




Business Services

Brand Ambassadors

Wanted, long term relationship for sharing, caring and long walks on the beach…  Partner your brand with an ambassador ready to introduce their brand into everyday conversations, online chats and of course, across blog and social properties.  Your ambassador is your client’s brand evangelist on the blogger scene, influencing her audience and her network of influencers.  This long-term blogger activity is about growing a meaningful relationship rather than a “quick fling”.

Campaign: Kellogg’s




Sussan Product Integration

Product Integration

Put your client’s clothes on the blogger’s back and their coffee in her hand!  The perfect blogger outreach service for FMCG and fashion brands, your client’s product or service can appear everywhere audiences turn online or on an exclusive few top tier fashionistas.

Campaign: Sussan




Blogger Activities - Twitter Parties

Social Media Events

Find your customer in their own space and draw them into yours.  Twitter chats, Facebook events, Insta contests…  Use social media events to build your social presence and your mailing list.  Perfect for retail and ideal for brands who need to premiere top of everyone’s feed.

Campaign: Coles Mix




Blogger activities are only limited by imagination!

While these may be the most popular blogger activities for campaigns, we can help you come up with creative executions that work wonders for your brand.  Talk to us about how we can provide a disruptive marketing experience for your audience, using clever creative and talented Australian bloggers.

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