Glowing Product Reviews – Lacklustre Sales. Here’s Why.

Your product is awesome. You’ve paid for a thousand product reviews and every single one glows with “this product is totally awesome”… so why no sales? Your reviews campaign is missing the essential ingredient that turns reviews into sales – credibility.

Credibility doesn’t glow, it shines

shine, don't glow Product Reviews that work

A Glowing Review isn’t a credible review. Glowing is “giving out steady, uninterrupted light without a flame”. When a blogger gives out constant glowing reviews, steady praise for product after product – without a flicker of critical thought or even passion, they lose all credibility with their audience. When a blogger lacks passion or insight it’s just that same dull relentless glow.
Shine however is a quality of brightness when light is reflected. The shine of your review will depend on quality, reflection and talent. That’s where the cred comes in.

Reviews are crucial in the buying process

If you’re paying for product reviews, choosing sites that pump out five star reviews doesn’t just diminish your credibility, it frustrates readers. At the beginning of the buying cycle, readers are looking for quality information about solving their problem. In the second stage, they’re looking for quality information about two comparable products. In the final stage, they’re looking for quality information about your product. At no time in the process are they looking for biased and unfounded glowing reviews.

5 star bias product reviews

Working with authentic bloggers and influencers for credibility and sales

1. Determine where your customers are in the buying cycle.
2. For customers right at the start, it’s vital to get yourself in front of them as a “player” in their choice of products. Choose larger bloggers who are interested in doing an article on the problem and then a ‘general review” of your product – be sure that they’re honest – talk about what’s great and what’s not.
3. In the middle stage, use mid-sized bloggers to overcome objections. If you’re neck and neck with a competing product, ask them to review a specific aspect of your product. Ask them to highlight the benefits that the competitor simply cannot offer. Road test those benefits and give an honest account. If you don’t have the benefits, your product may not be ready for market!
4. In the final stage of the buyer decision, you want some highly targeted and very credibly bloggers to review your item. This might be an industry leader, a site like Choice or simply the blogger that writes on the topic for Huff Post or Kidspot. You may wish to invest a bit heavily here. Get multimedia content made, product demonstrations or other “creative” means for grabbing that final attention and ultimately, that sale.

What if there is no blogger doing product reviews in your field?

Seems pretty unlikely, there are an awful lot of bloggers out there – however, if your competition dominates the blogsphere, you may wish to take it a step further.  If there are no bloggers doing product reviews or if the product or service is something very difficult to review, there’s an opportunity for you to become that blogger. Owning an authoritative industry voice is a massive benefit for business owners. You will still, however need to give honest reviews of your own products.

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If the idea of writing regular content and doing product reviews raises your blood pressure, talk to us. We can take care of that too.

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