PR Companies – What They’re Saying Behind Your Back

PR companies, it’s time you were let in on a secret.
The blogging community is tight-knit. Bloggers talk. Blogger forums are bustling hubs where bloggers freely share their blogging experiences good and bad.
PR companies are often the topic of blogger banter and not always in a good way. Here are five things you can bet your bottom dollar the blogging community is discussing about you right now.

Say my name

Failure to personalise your pitches will put bloggers on the wrong foot from word go. Just like everyone else, bloggers want to feel valued. Use the blogger’s name and their blog name in your pitch and spell it right too.
Do your research. Show you have read the blog and are certain the opportunity you’re pitching is a great fit. Pitching a gambling opportunity to a parenting blogger, for example, is not a wise move.
Bloggers know when you’ve sent the same templated email to a million bloggers. You may think you’re working hard for your brand pitching to every blogger in Australia, but bloggers see these pitches as lazy and a waste of their time.
Relationships are important to bloggers. If you don’t invest time into building a relationship, chances are your pitch will fall on deaf ears.

Your pitch is far from perfect

When you reach out to a blogger, provide detail about what you want to promote, what you’re offering, and your call to action.
Media releases without a call to action get deleted nine times out of 10. As do cagey emails that don’t provide any detail. If you can’t clearly outline what the opportunity is and who with, your email will end up in the recycle bin. Bloggers don’t have time to play a game of cat and mouse.

Respect, just a little bit

Respect goes a long way with bloggers.
Be willing to come to an agreement that satisfies both parties. Placing demands on bloggers without appropriate compensation will send them running.
Remember the whole bloggers talk thing? Don’t expect to get away with paying some bloggers and telling others you have no budget. You will get found out.
Be upfront about how many bloggers you have signed up for a campaign. There’s nothing worse for bloggers than to publish a sponsored post only to see a million variations on it from other bloggers.

Call me maybe

Run your business professionally. Provide information about your company and your contact details with each pitch.
Ensure your online presence is professional and user-friendly. Don’t risk losing an opportunity because the blogger you pitched to couldn’t find information about you.

Bloggers work hard for the money

As a PR company, you will often be chasing free earned coverage.
The thing is, the majority of bloggers don’t work for free. Bloggers expect to be compensated for the time and effort they put into producing and promoting content for brands.
You wouldn’t expect to be given a $4 toilet cleaner in exchange for your work, so don’t expect bloggers to either.
When done right, partnerships between bloggers and PR companies can be a win-win for all involved.
Contact Brand Meets Blog to learn how PR companies can work better with bloggers.

Two business woman friendly discussion about pr companies during break in office using notebook and drinking coffee

PR Firms – Close The Gaping Chasm Between You and Social Influencers

PR firms – has blogger outreach got you banging your head against the wall?

You’re working with a great brand, you have an awesome product, but you can’t get a single influencer interested.

And it’s not for lack of trying. You’ve emailed countless bloggers. You’ve tagged them on Instagram and Twitter, numerous times, and you’ve even posted on their Facebook page, yet all you hear is crickets.

Here’s a clue.

Quit it with the templated emails

This may come as a surprise, but social influencers can see straight through your templated emails.

Hi Blogger

I am a frequent reader and big fan of your blog – keep up the great work 🙂 

I thought your readers might be interested in a cool infographic we created. All I ask in return is you link to our website.

If you could feature it on your blog, we’d be very grateful 🙂


Lazy PR Firm

Admit it. You haven’t read their blog and you aren’t a big fan. You have likely sent this cold email to 200 bloggers.

Quit it with the smiley faces, quit it with the patronising language, and don’t ask an influencer a favour out of the blue when you offer nothing in return.

Don’t be spammy

Relentlessly spamming social influencers is a sure-fire way to send them running. If your first templated email didn’t work, don’t send more of the same.

No one wants to be cold-tagged on Instagram or Twitter asking them to promote a product and they definitely don’t want to be tagged in a way that makes them appear associated with the product without their consent.

Build a relationship

Social influencers are big on building relationships. It’s pretty rare for them to pimp themselves for a PR firm that has made little to no effort and offers nothing in return.

Nurturing a relationship is where you’ll reap results. Get to know the influencer and show them you genuinely care about them and the campaign.

Work together

Social influencers are busy people. Be brief and to the point. Tell them about your campaign, why they’re a good fit, and how they will be compensated.

Don’t be patronising and don’t bombard them with one demand after another.

Influencers have worked hard to grow their community and know what type of content will get traction. Be open to suggestion and be ready to negotiate.

When done right, the relationship between PR firms and social influencers can be a beautiful thing.

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