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How to get the most from working with Mummy bloggers

Mummy Bloggers make magic happen for brands on a daily basis. They influence your target market through knowledge, trust and firsthand experience.

Mummy bloggers in Australia connect with consumers through a mutual understanding of parenthood, lack of time and their love of family. Mums are inspired by product promotions and brand endorsements from their ‘sisters’ which is why parenting bloggers are the go-to influencers for any new child related product reviews.

The term ‘mummy bloggers’ is often said in a derogatory way, however, mum bloggers are not just mums. They are also women who have an education and specialise in much more than just motherhood. These skills only further their connection with their audience.

Australian Mummy bloggers


The top mummy bloggers all do these 3 things!

From pregnancy to birth, newborn to infant and toddler to teen; Australian mummy blogs have every aspect of parenting covered. But there are three things that the top parenting bloggers do:

Australian Mummy Bloggers engage and connect with their audience

Through dedication and hard work, mummy bloggers form a connection with fans through their well-written content and social media. By engaging and establishing a relationship with their audience, mum blogs grow the trust of their ‘online family’.

Visuals with all the feels

When imagery is done right it will be eye-catching to readers, make them feel and make them want. Visuals are crucial in connecting with consumers. Through use of emotions, colours and great products Australian mummy bloggers attract interest.

That must have product – how is it incorporated?

Quality content and attractive images go hand in hand. But the best parenting bloggers, craft bloggers and even home organisation bloggers know, products must be carefully integrated and positioned into images and articles to create genuine content.

Mummy audiences are hungry for your brand – here’s how to serve them best

Mum bloggers in Australia know what appeals to their audience. In most cases, it is honest reviews and products in real life situations. Mummy audiences are not stupid which is why they want honest content from real mums.

There is no point sharing an image of a product just sitting there, parents want to feel like they are stepping into the mum blogger’s life and witnessing products in action. The use of social media makes this possible!

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