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In early August, Destination Gippsland via Brand Meets Blog sent mummy bloggers, Megan Blandford, Claire Hewitt and Toushka Lee as well as Louisa herself, to the gorgeous town of Wahalla in West Gippsland in Victoria. They spent the weekend enjoying the hospitality, scenery, history and the very first Wahalla Vinter Ljusfest, set to become an annual August event.  Michael Leany, owner of the Star Hotel and Wahalla’s longest serving resident, was their host and his knowledge and passion for the town was as infectious as it was delightful.

Destination Gippsland, which has always liked to use a mix of traditional and new media, wanted to work with mummy bloggers on this occasion because of the integrity they had to offer regional tourism. James Archibald, who is the marketing and project manager for Destination Gippsland, kindly told us that “with Louisa the integrity is sound and we’re looking for bloggers to send an authentic message to consumers”.

From my perspective, engaging established bloggers for tourism campaigns is a very effective part of any new media strategy. After all,  a blogger’s reputation and reach means they capture their audience in a more personal way than is often achieved through traditional media. So, bringing together traditional and new media is an effective way for a tourism body or business to gain extended exposure.

What did the Mummy Bloggers themselves think about it?

Claire Hewitt from Clairey Hewitt said using targeted bloggers allowed a region to handpick the exact target market they wanted to attract. “If they are after Gen Y, families or retirees they can align their market with that direct audience by using bloggers of influence within that target market.”

Keen traveller and mummy blogger Megan Blandford from Writing Out Loud said she was interested in how social media was being used to share everything from products and brands to services and destinations. “I think by adding this to my blog, I’m giving my readers not only information about a spot they might not have thought of visiting, but fun stories they’ll enjoy and photographs to inspire them.”

Mummy blogger Toushka Lee was most amused when the party of four were constantly referred to as journalists. “It reminded me just how new all this ‘new media’ really is.”


Have you participated in a travel famil, would you like to? What do you think makes using bloggers so effective for something like this?


  1. I think it’s a great move by brands. I’ve recently been to Thailand as part of a media trip (2 bloggers, 9 journos). I think brands can see that bloggers have a lot to offer in terms of promotion of products, and espeically destinations. It was interesting to see how the bloggers vs the journalists behaved and reacted to the trip. The great thing about blogging is the freedom to be creative: while the journalists were working for someone else, the bloggers are their own bosses and this seemed to bring a lot more freedom and resource application (bloggers documenting their own take on things including video, photos and social media). Of course, this beauty of freedom bloggers have can be seen as a risky thing for brands. But If brands choose the right blogger for their product, I believe there is so much value to both the blogger and the brand. Exciting times!

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  2. This sounds fantastic. I have a website and clearly its about travel. Although I have a wider audience than my blog, my blog visitors are far more engaging than the website. Clearly an indication how powerful target blogs are.

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  3. I remember we had a conversation once, Louisa, about how much I would love to include travel around Victoria as part of my blog. I do travel a fair bit and it would be a great opportunity for tourism operators to get their message out directly to families. I’ve tried making some contact with them, but so far with no luck. If you have a contact in Tourism Victoria, I’d be very interested.

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  4. I LOVED this experience, and I think it’s an amazing way for destinations to get their message to people who might just be online right now planning their next trip.

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  5. Not only did it take me to a side of Victoria I have never been, the tour guide aspect gave me information to really share with others. This was essential in making the trip a success. It is not just about going away and enjoying a junket. It needs to be treated professionally and given an honest review. Having someone tell me all the facts, history, information and details of the area ensured this.

    Travel always sounds so glamourous, and it is really a luxury item, so families spend their travel dollars with high levels of care and consideration. Reviews are essential to help a family decide if your town, hotel, attraction is where they will part with their money…or not. The risk is scary for many businesses, but they just need to remember that the review is likely to be written anyway, they just may never know who the other writers are.

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