Mum Blogs & Marketing – What Makes A Good Investment?

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Stop throwing your money away, READ THIS, not all mum blogs are created equal.

A lot of work goes into planning the perfect campaign which is why it is important you don’t just offer opportunities to anyone, ensure you will get bang for your buck! Brand Meets Blog knows the difference between a good mum blog and a great one.

What sets mum blogs apart

Each and every mum blog is different but there are certain factors that set the great ones above of the rest. These include:

Audience engagement

An engaged audience is crucial. It is one of the signs that show their audience and your target market listen to what they have to say; and want to be a part of the ‘community’ these mummy bloggers have grown.

Past track record

If a blogger has been unreliable in the past, chances are that won’t change. Brand Meets Blog works only with dedicated and trusted bloggers because your campaign success is on the line!

Click through rates

Views are great, but do they really mean much without any click through? A good click through rate uncovers an engaged and trusting audience from the others. Yes eyes on the products and brand will still create awareness but does it go any further? Will you see an immediate return?

Traffic and sales generation

The aim of the game is sales. A blogger will get views and click throughs to your site but ultimately you want these clicks to result in sales. A blogger with an engaged audience will achieve this and more!

Blogger’s personal network/connections

Mummy bloggers are a community. They offer support and guidance to one another which also means they have a well-rounded network of blogger friends and even more importantly, long-lasting connections. This is an incomparable benefit of working with mummy bloggers!

Product introduction

Mum blogs know their audience better than anyone. This gives them the ability to introduce products and services without alienating their loyal followers. Knowing how to incorporate a product naturally into content without shoving it in readers’ faces is a skill the best mum blogs demonstrate.

The benchmark has been set high for mum blogs and Brand Meets Blog can show you exactly how these bloggers will be the best investment for your business.

Get results NOW, call Brand Meets Blog and start working with top shelf mum blogs today!

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