Low Traffic Bloggers! Follow These Tips If You Want To Work With Brands

It’s quite common for low traffic bloggers to think they’re off limits when it comes to working with brands but, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The truth is, low traffic bloggers can often be even more worthwhile to brands than bloggers with huge audiences. Traffic aside, what is attractive to brands are things like the way you engage your audience, your total reach and your relevance.

So how do you become the engaging and relevant little blogger who could, with decent reach and potential, which brands want to work with? Here are some tips.

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Tips for low traffic bloggers


Community engagement

If there’s one thing you want to put your time and effort into as a blogger with low traffic, it’s to build your community. Building relationships with your readers is a crucial way to increase blog engagement and build trust.

Build your blog community by just being you and genuine. Ask questions at the end of your blog posts to encourage comments and make sure you respond to those comments; get a conversation going. Get to know your audience and their pain points and share content to fit; be relevant. Get your community involved in challenges and build your subscriber list so you can build relationships with your readers via email.

Get to know your audience

A critical factor in building community engagement is getting to know your audience. Ask them questions on social media, run a survey, monitor which of your content resonates with them and study demographics in Facebook Insights and Google Analytics.


The number of unique users to your blog may be low but, don’t forget that reach also includes the number of fans you have on social media and the number of people on your subscriber list.


Don’t make the mistake of trying to be on every single social media channel there is. Once you’ve worked out who your audience is, you’ll have a better idea of where they hang out on social media. It’s always best to put your best effort into one or two platforms instead of spreading yourself thin across too many.

Media Kit

Look at a media kit as your blog’s resume. It showcases what your blog is about, your audience, it includes your blog and social stats, perhaps a couple of testimonials and is a quick snapshot for a brand as to whether your blog will suit a campaign or not. Separate to this you should have a rate card which outlines your prices for the different options you offer, e.g. sponsored posts, advertising and so on. It’s an industry standard to have a media kit, so if you don’t yet, get on to Canva and create one. A one-page media kit is always best with an additional rates card.

Be realistic

If you’re a low traffic blogger, don’t cut yourself off from opportunity and set ridiculous rates that aren’t comparative to your blog’s reach. By setting fair and relevant rates for your blog and adjusting them as your numbers grow, you’re more likely to keep brands interested. Use our blogger rate calculator to determine what fee you should charge.


Your traffic might be small, but the key is to come across like a much bigger blog. Professionalism is key to achieving this. From an email address which uses your domain name and a professional email signature to a professional looking media kit and a well-designed blog, brands will take you more seriously.


Consistency is key when it comes to blogging and social media. Readers come to expect consistent content; it keeps them engaged and interested.  It’s a similar scenario on social media. When you post on Facebook consistently, for example, posts tend to reach more people, giving more opportunity for people to engage. The more people engage, the more of your content appears in people’s feeds.  Whether you choose to publish two posts on the same day each week or four, keep it consistent.

Case studies

If you’re concerned that you have never worked with a brand because of your low traffic and therefore don’t have any real stats to add to your media kit, don’t sit back and wait for a brand to approach you, promote the brand yourself. If there’s a particular brand you love, write a review or a blog post incorporating it, run a giveaway and pay for the prize, run it like a real campaign for the purpose of being able to put a case study together.

There’s no doubt that building blog traffic is hard work but being a low traffic blogger doesn’t mean you cannot work with brands. If you dedicate some time to creating a strong and engaged community across your blog and social media, treat your blog like a business and focus on building some social proof to show that you do have the capacity to reach the right people and convert them, you’re on the track to blogging success.

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