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LinkedIn is one of the most powerful and underused social media networks around. While we use Facebook to connect with our friends and “fans”, we use Twitter to connect with your peers and some colleagues, LinkedIn is there to connect with the professionals you have, do and want to work with. 

For most of us LinkedIn is not just the second cousin of social networks, it’s the cousin we’ve forgotten about. This is a shame because it’s a goldmine of opportunity for those who know how to use it!

With that bold statement, I want to share with you some easy ways you can use LinkedIn as a blogger, or PR professional to network and connect with influencers.


What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a free professional networking site. In some ways it’s like Facebook – you have a profile and connections, you update your status, have a news feed and can join groups. BUT it’s not like Facebook in one very important – it is used by and for professionals. 

A friend recently told me that when he started updating his profile his boss called him to ask if he was looking for another job! Professionals use this space to network and to headhunt, but it offers great opportunity for bloggers and blogger outreach professionals who want to find one another.


Getting Started

1. Complete your profile. 

Be really clear about what you do us and use keywords that people might search for when trying to find someone with your skills/offering.

2. Connect with people you know and want to network with professionally. If your great-Aunty May has a profile but it’s completely irrelevant to your field of work, you don’t need to connect with her.

LinkedIn isn’t Facebook, it’s a place to network with the people you do, have and want to work with. For bloggers, LinkedIn can be a great way to stay connected with PR professionals who have a high industry turnover rate. Though they may move workplaces, they will probably keep working with bloggers so LinkedIn can help you keep connected throughout the changes.

3. Join groups and contribute. 

It’s no good just setting up a profile if you don’t use it – join groups that are of interest and contribute. You’ll find some groups are more active than others so keep trying until you find the ones that are right for you.


A little plug: we have a BMB group on Linked In which you can find here: BMB Blogger Outreach & Relations in Australia. It’s a place where bloggers and blogger outreach professional can network, share, learn and ask their questions. We’d love you to join us & introduce yourself. We will be running regular discussions and LinkedIn chats in the coming weeks.


Are you using LinkedIn? Let us know in the comments if you have any questions about how to get the most out of it, or if you have some tips to share!


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