Why Influencers Are The Live Reads Of The Digital World

You’re listening to your favourite radio station while driving to work and then, the morning breakfast presenters do a live read about a local business as part of a PR campaign set up by one of their ad agencies. You quickly change the channel in search of some music that will make listening less painful.

You get to work early and over a coffee decide to read a blog post by your favourite blogger. He talks about how a particular product changed his life. You can relate to him, he tells it how it is, and he is authentic. You share the blog post with your friends and consider giving the product a try.

This is an example of how influencers are the live reads of the digital world, but better. The word ‘influencer’ describes the power that bloggers and social media influencers have on their audience. They become influential not because they tell people to do what they say or to buy a product, but because the trust that they’ve built with their audience through honesty and authenticity is what influences their audience to use a product or service. This is the personal power of digital; the opportunity to connect on a whole new level via the written word, video and imagery.

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All is not lost with traditional advertising and PR campaigns

Seamus Roche from Black Raven Media Advertising Agency in Brisbane describes the addition of Digital PR to a traditional advertising campaign, “It’s like adding dressing to a salad; without dressing, a salad is simply mediocre. Add dressing and it’ll leave you wanting more.”

Influencer outreach can definitely work hand in hand with traditional advertising; it can give a traditional campaign the boost it needs, you’ve just got to know how to make it work.

Continue to use traditional advertising such as radio, a television commercial or advertorial in print to share the facts about a particular product or service and use digital PR to delve into personal experience. Bloggers, for example, write about their own experiences, you’re not buying an ad. Because of their authenticity and dedicated audience, the blogger’s unique perspective is valued, whether they’re writing about a fabulous environmentally friendly dishwashing liquid, family accommodation or a new investment app.

In addition, engaging an influencer on your campaign means you can get super-specific on the niche you’re targeting, unlike traditional marketing which can often be a guessing game. Through influencer marketing, you can not only reach the audience of lifestyle bloggers but students, people with special needs, travellers, retirees, teachers and more. If you’ve got a niche to target, there’s likely a blogger for it.


Examples of traditional advertising and blogger outreach working together

There are endless opportunities to make traditional advertising and influencer outreach work well together. Perhaps you have a marketing campaign promoting low cost food options for families. Part of the campaign could involve bloggers participating in a challenge to feed their family for $80 a week, sharing photos of their haul on social media. This is a great example of a ‘live feed’ in the digital world, but it’s hugely authentic.

In addition to running your own traditional advertising campaign in print, you may consider taking on a number of brand ambassadors to share beautiful images featuring your product on social media and who write about their experiences with your product on their blog. Again, these are the ‘live reads’ of digital; they’re your brand evangelists, they’re ultra-targeted, can be shared easily, have the capacity to go viral and better yet, ROI is easy to monitor – if your print results fail to impress, the digital stats will cover your bum.

Do you need to bolster your traditional marketing campaign with influencer outreach? Contact the team at Brand Meets Blog today.

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