Influencer Outreach – The Struggle Is Real

Influencer Outreach – The Struggle is Real

Creating ultimate buzz marketing campaigns should be all about creating amazing stories and delighting the client, right?  Instead, you’re pouring heart and soul into influencer outreach in the hope of a little buzz.  We can make it happen.  In fact, we make it simple.  Whether you’re planning a fast and dirty buzz marketing campaign or you’re in need of a little “top up” for your reporting, Brand Meets Blog delivers the influencers and the stats.  You just focus on the client and the creative.

smartphone with social media apps for influencer outreach

Stop faffing about chasing influencers.

Start focusing on buzz-worthy creative.

Get started in minutes.  Really, your outreach campaign takes just minutes to organise.

Get started in minutes (5)

How do I choose an influencer?

Our roster is sorted by category and individual topics that their audiences love.  It’s simple, if you know how to shop online, you know how to book your next buzz marketing campaign.

How many influencers can I choose?

As many as you need – just be sure to read their bios to ensure they’re suitable for your campaign.  Some influencers won’t work with certain kinds of products (weight loss, adult, anything that supports Donald Trump) so be sure to check them out before booking them.

Will I get influencer contact details?

Yes, once you’ve completed the booking process, you’ll receive a list of your influencers and their social media profiles. Influencers are not exclusively signed with Brand Meets Blog – we’re just here to keep annoying the tasks off your to-do list.

Can I book sponsored blog posts for my buzz marketing campaigns?

Yes.  Some of our influencers also provide post sponsorship and reviews.  These require a more detailed brief; to find out more about this please get in touch.

What’s the difference between a Facebook Group ad and a Facebook shoutout?

Ahhh Facebook, such an ever-changing beast.  There is no buzz quite like advertising in a closed Facebook group. These highly engaged, interest-driven communities bypass the laws of “reach” that Facebook pages endure.  This means that although smaller, groups tend to get big results. We’ve included group advertising as an option because it works. Really works.  Is awesome.  To get you the most value possible from Facebook page shoutouts, every page booking includes a small “sponsored boost”.

I need my posts to go out at a specific date and time

Because our influencers are in high demand, we cannot guarantee a specific date and time – however, we can request it.  If you’re planning a launch and want all your posts to hit feeds at the same time, please book your shoutout campaign well in advance.  This will help secure your spot.

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