4 Steps To Improving Your Blog. (Aka the #4stepblogchallenge)

Most bloggers don’t need to become ‘better bloggers’  to start seeing the kind of growth they are looking for in their blogs.

The chances are that you don’t need to become a better blogger ….and even though you might be on a quest to crack the ‘secret formula’ for growth, you won’t find success in a formula – you’ll find it within yourself when you take that next step, when you push through that next barrier, when you show up for yourself.

SO I want to invite you to join me in discovering what is really true; that you already know what you need to do, that you have it within yourself to make it happen, that you just need to take that next step (and a bit of support along the way wouldn’t hurt either!)


The #4stepblogchallengeis something that I created after talking with our community about things they’ve had on their “to do list” for a while. As someone who absolutely loves learning and who does a whole lotta teaching (besides the weekly coaching email I send to our community,  I run a paid ecourse, have created a number of free resources and am about to run a live training workshop on working with brands) it’s fair to say that I am not opposed to learning!! BUT here’s the thing, If you’re going to take the time to learn, you need to create the space to do. #4stepblogchallenge (click to tweet) The truth is that most bloggers don’t need to become better bloggers to start seeing the kind of growth they are looking for in their blogs. What they need to do is take what they already know and what they already have and start to do the work. The crazy thing is that the tweaks and changes we want to do are often not huge, time intensive things (like starting a Podcast or redesigning your whole blog etc..) but are often tasks that you could do with a spare 5-10minutes in your day. Here are some things that might fit the bill…

      1. Create a “Work With Me” Page


  • Set up a gmail account for your blog (so you’re not using your personal one for blog related stuff)



  • Put Google Analytics on your blog



  • Put a photo of yourself on the home page and about pages of your blog



  • Create or update your Media Kit



  • Create or update your About Me Page



  • Set up a PO BOX to take delivery of review items



  • Set up a daily backup system for your blog



  • Check that your blog is free from malware using Sucuri



  • Reply to the comments on your most recent posts



  • Tidy up your sidebar, so it’s less cluttered



  • Get a simple background for your blog



  • Add social sharing buttons including a simple Facebook “like” button to your posts



  • Add a social proof section to your blog highlighting any places (media, prominent blogs etc…) you and your blog have been featured.





  • Start an email list



  • Take a few of your blog posts and turn them into an ebook.



  • Learn how to promote your posts on Facebook effectively



  • Install the Facebook comment box onto your blog to see if it changes the levels of engagement you get



  • Create a blog posting schedule



  • Write an editorial calendar for the next 3-6 months



  • Write a guest post for a blog you love



  • Finish doing that ecourse you started but then didn’t finish



  Click to tweet: “The way to improve your blog is not just to learn more but to take what you already know and do the work.” #4stepblogchallenge Are you nodding your head at any of the things on this list…. ? Well let’s do it together! We are going to pick three things we know we should do, and make them happen through our 4 Step Process: 1. Choose what you are going to do 2. Plan a time when you are going to do it 3. Find out how to do it (beware – this can be a trap! You don’t want to end up on another learning spree, this is all about action!) 4. Get an accountability partner to support you (we’re going to use our Private Facebook Group to do this) So tell me, are you in? Leave a comment on the post below to tell me what three things you are going to choose (and they don’t have to be from the list above, you might have other things you want to work on instead) and then sign up to join the support team and make it happen!


Yep! I’m joining the Blog Challenge!


So tell me, what 3 things are you going to choose?


  1. So in! I’m going to:
    – Check that my blog is free from malware using Sucuri
    – Make sure my blog is PR friendly
    – Take a few of my blog posts and turn them into an ebook

    Thanks so much 🙂

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    • These sound great – can’t wait to see the ebook!

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  2. What a great challenge

    I am going to:

    -set up a daily backup for the blog
    – update my about me page
    – update my media kit

    Plus I hope to:

    – add the Facebook comment box

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    • That’s great Kate!

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  3. I definitely need this challenge. The 3 things I’ll be working on:

    1. Update my media kit.
    2. Write an editorial calendar for the next 3-6 months.
    3. Create a social media content schedule, for Facebook and Pinterest.

    Thanks for the motivation 🙂

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    • Brilliant goals Mel!

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    • Oooh sounds fun!

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  4. Fantastic! I’ll be creating a Work With Me page, putting an intro photo of me on the homepage and checking for malware 🙂

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  5. Great Idea. I was happy to see that we already have 8 items covered, but we’ll work on establishing an email contact list with a weekly newsletter, offering a free ebook for signing up, and improving our Collaborate page.

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    • Awesome, this is great to hear!

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  6. Count me in 🙂 I will be working on:
    1. An editorial calendar for the next 3 months
    2. Finalise my work with me page
    3. Establishing my email contact list.
    Thanks for the motivation. Looking forward to getting started.

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    • Great goals Melissa, so glad to have you on board!

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  7. This is the kick-start I need to do all those little things I haven’t done yet on my new blog Louisa!

    I will be:
    1. Creating a media kit
    2. Putting together an editorial calendar
    3. Designing a template for my email newsletter subscribers.

    Thanks, Johanna

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  8. Yes I am in

    1. Create a media kit
    2. Make my blog PR friendly, with your guidance 🙂
    3. Sort out a related posts plug in

    and a 4th is to write one of the guest posts that are on my to do list 🙂

    Thanks Jess

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    • Great goals, excited to see them come together for you!

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  9. Great list, Louisa. I want to do so many of these, but for now I will focus on:
    Improving my media kit
    Ensuring I have a daily back up
    Check for malware and
    Create an editorial calendar.

    Thanks for keeping me proactive 🙂

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  10. Giving it a go – Gonna try installing FB comments and see how that goes!

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  11. This is great, the three things I’m going to do are:
    Update my About Me Page
    Make sure my blog is PR friendly
    Write an editorial calendar for the next 3-6 months

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