How To Improve Your Blog Engagement

Blog Engagement

A high number of sessions and page views looks great in your media kit, but they only paint part of the picture. These days high traffic is not enough, brands are looking beyond numbers to blog engagement.

This is all well and good, but how do you increase engagement on your blog to become more attractive to brands?

Know your audience

Who is reading your content? Find out your readers’ average age, their sex, and number of children. Find out their needs, wants, concerns and what makes them laugh. Build a reader profile and keep it in mind when producing content. Creating content your audience is interested and invested in will increase the chances of them engaging.

Ask for engagement

It’s way too easy for readers to skim your post and move onto the next. You need to draw engagement out of your readers. Ask questions throughout your post to encourage readers to think about their experience or opinion. Don’t forget to finish your post with a question or two.
Facebook is a great platform to draw conversation out of followers. People get tired of having content constantly pushed out to them. Blogging and social media should be a two-way street. Ask people for their input and they’ll come back for more.

Respond to comments

You’ve asked people to contribute, so don’t leave their comments hanging. Respond, thank them for their input, and show an interest in what they’ve said. A sure-fire way to build an engaged audience and keep your readers coming back is to make them feel valued.

Use a good commenting system

There’s nothing worse than readers wanting to comment but not knowing how. Choose a user-friendly commenting system to make it easy for your readers. Many systems notify commenters when they’ve received a reply encouraging them to return to your blog. Before you know it, you have started a conversation.

Network with bloggers

Work it, work it, and work some more. Follow other blogs and social media accounts. Comment on them and take an interest in the person behind the blog. Be active in blogger groups and, in the spirit of the blogging community, share content other than your own. Building blogger relationships can be invaluable.

Good content

What’s that they say about content being king? An authentic and relatable story that is real and honest will encourage people to contribute, engage and share.

When it comes to building an engaged community, it’s important to recognise that blog and social media engagement takes time. It can seem like you’re talking to no one, but persistence will pay off.

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