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Helen Schofield with Australian Girl® Dolls, Emily, Amy, Belle and Jasmine

This week we talk to Helen Schofield, the woman behind Australian Girl® which is a range of gorgeous dolls and also a book telling their story of friendship.

Helen, you worked with some Mummy Bloggers before Christmas to promote your Australian Girl® Doll range, can you tell us a bit about that?

BMB made contact with me and introduced the idea. I was keen to reach more mums with news of Australian Girl® and since the financial risk was not too high I was willing to give it a go. Others had blogged in the past but the audience was not as targeted. This is the first time we have purposefully used blogs as a way of promoting Australian Girl® products.

What’s the biggest advantage, in your opinion, in working with bloggers on reviews?

Recommendations from people we trust are the ones we all pay more attention to. It’s a great way to reach our market without paying for coverage that includes less interested demographics.

What advice do you have for other businesses who might be considering working with bloggers?

Try it. If you believe in your product and want to reach your target market it’s worth the small amount of effort involved.

Australian Girl® Book Launch with Helen and Author Jac Larsen.

What advice do you have for bloggers who want to work with brands?

I am probably stating the obvious here but I would say take on products you can identify with personally and sincerely. It’s a great way to tell your followers about new discoveries and they will appreciate your sharing.

Anything else you’d like to add…

Our first experience of this way of promoting our product we believe was successful. Our advertising via other methods this last Christmas was minimal compared to other years but our sales were higher. Although we can’t prove it specifically we feel the value of this type of promotion netted the most customers per dollar cost.

I believe bloggers will keep their followers for as long as they remain true to themselves and can be open about any rewards they may receive.

Thank you, Helen for sharing your experience with us.

You can check out the Australian Girl® website to learn more about the dolls and even order a copy of the book. Australian Girl® is also on Facebook.


  1. I’m glad to hear that the Australian Girl dolls are doing well. I went to the America Girl Place when I visited New York (pre kids) and was fascinated by it. Everywhere I walked you’d see families on holidays with little girls carrying America Girl Place bags. It’s cool to see a similar concept of dolls here. I saw some Australia Girl dolls in a country toy gift store in Beechworth, VIC. They look great. Christmas pressie idea for my girls methinks!!

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    • Oh that’s exciting to hear about – we are going to New York in a few weeks! The Australian Girl dolls really are fantastic – beautiful quality and lovely to see some familiar reflected back in a doll 🙂

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