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How to get the most from working with Australian health and fitness bloggers

With their positive vibes and zest for life, Australian health and fitness bloggers are inspiring consumers daily to lead happy, healthy and active lifestyles.

Health and fitness bloggers Australia have become the number one source of information for people keen to change their lifestyle. They motivate their following to get fit, shift weight, tone up, eat clean, cut sugar and lead a balanced life. They encourage their community to dream big and consumers are lapping it up.

Health and fitness bloggers and brands

With passion and energy in spades, health and fitness bloggers have a unique ability to motivate people to lead a healthier lifestyle. Health and fitness bloggers are skilled at producing inspirational and relatable content and are active on social media.

From active wear, sports bras and running shoes, to sunglasses and song lists, health food and technology, health and fitness bloggers have a knack for naturally integrating product and messaging into their content to influence consumers.

Health and fitness blog communities are supportive, engaged and trusting of brands.

The right partnership with an influential health and fitness blogger can make an impressive impact on your campaign.

Which brands work with health and fitness bloggers?


Brands that promote a healthy lifestyle will work well with health and fitness bloggers.

Fashion and sporting brands have successfully partnered with health and fitness bloggers. Even kids clothing brands are lining up for a piece of the pie. Tech, entertainment and food brands and health insurance companies have also achieved success.

Heart Foundation Awareness Raising Campaign
Heart Foundation Outreach to Health Bloggers

The top health and fitness bloggers all do these (3) things!

Deliver visually stunning content

Health and fitness bloggers inspire their following through beautifully styled social media pics.

Food and recipe imagery is carefully curated, as are elegant yoga poses highlighting a particular brand, or a running shot showcasing strength, determination and the latest active wear.

Provide useful content

Workout tips and challenges, healthy eating advice and food inspo – health and fitness bloggers are useful to their audience. They offer actionable advice to help their community achieve their goals and inspire them with real life success stories.

Cleverly integrate key messaging

Health and fitness bloggers are skilled at integrating product and messaging into their content. They know their community and how to get them excited.

Health and fitness audiences are hungry for your brand – here’s how to serve them best

Social media promotion is a must for brands working with health and fitness bloggers. Inspire audiences with great social snaps sporting the latest active wear or a mouthwatering recipe. Imagery should be fun and engaging supported with useful blog content.

Sponsored posts are an effective way to collaborate, as are eBooks with product mention and advertising.

Exercise, healthy eating and recipe videos can boost your campaign, while health and fitness bloggers make inspirational speakers and ambassadors.

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The Australian Heart Foundation

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