Friday Faves: On entrepreneurship, failure and the singular power of tenacity.

If you hang around entrepreneurs enough you will start to hear them talking about the importance of “getting back up when you fall down.”. You will actually hear them talk about this a lot! For the first little while it might not make sense…you might wonder what they really mean when they say that. Then the day will come when you have an ‘ah-ha’ moment that brings you such great clarity, and that propels you forward when you most feel like throwing in the towel.

Like many entrepreneurs before me, I’ve come to believe that one of the most important factors to determine a persons success is their ability get back up after they have fallen down. Tenacity cannot be underestimated!

Lisa Messenger talks about this when she says, “Feel the fear and do it anyway.”

Brene Brown references it when she says “We are all afraid. We just have to understand that it doesn’t mean we can’t also be brave.”

If you’re still reading (thanks!) you might be wondering why I am writing about all this – surely this is a blog about blogging and blogger outreach?! What does entrepreneurship have to do with anything??

Well, my guess is that if you’re reading this blog and are interested in this topic, there is a really strong chance that you are either an entrepreneur or have and entrepreneurial spirit. Blogging is not something that fits the status quo!

I wrote a kind of love note to our blogger network this week, and in it I told them: “You guys aren’t “doing a job” that people can ask you about, you are BUILDING something – and unless you are talking to someone else who is building something, then it’s like you are talking a different language. BUILDING takes blood, sweat and tears (yes, tears are NORMAL) passion, love, unwavering commitment and belief in what you are doing. It takes unshakable resolve, getting up each time you fall down, experimenting, failing, succeeding, celebrating, failing again, getting up again. Over and over and over again. BUILDING is not for the faint of heart!”

I hope you keep building, that you keep pushing yourself forward even when you don’t want to – the world needs to hear what you have to say!

So now that we’ve got that covered off (and you’re all feeling the love!) I want to share with you some of the best posts I’ve read this week. Being curious is one of the qualities I love the most in people so I hope you’re feeling curious today and ready to get some great reading done!

We are all afraid.We just have to get to

This week my business reading focuses on email management. I think email management is crucial to productivty. Having your inbox under control declutters your mind so you can focus on doing the work. These posts have some golden tips in them!

How I Got To Inbox Zero Every Night This Week:
The cost of checking your email constantly

People Doing Cool Stuff
I have a feeling this will be huge
and this hotel just went on my bucket list!

On the parenting front
I love this post on how to talk to your daughter about her bodyand being a proud SAHWM (how’s that for a mouthful?!) is a post I think many of you will relate to.

Now it’s your turn. Link up your favourite post for the week and then go and visit at least 2 other blog posts that are linked up (if you link up early make sure you come back later to visit some of the others).

And then let’s wrap up the week with you telling me what’s on your mind at the moment?

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