DIY Digital Public Relations Online Training Course – Get the basics in no time at all!

Small Business – Learn to do DIY Digital Public Relations!

The digital marketing world isn’t just for the big guys and though we service clients at that level we absolutely want to help educate and empower small business owners to achieve success in this new marketing environment. We’ve crafted a DIY Public Relations Online Class for small business owners who want to manage their own blogger outreach and digital PR!


About Your DIY PR Online Class

It’s all about quick, actionable ways to get in front of bloggers and social media influencers so your brand can be front and centre, even on a small business budget.
You’ll learn:

  • What is Digital PR and why is it different to traditional PR
  • How to identify a blogger that would be open to your pitch
  • How to pitch to bloggers without damaging your brand
  • What bloggers expect from you and how to make sure you deliver
  • What you can expect from bloggers and how to manage the campaign
  • How to integrate blogger outreach into your current social media strategy
  • How to assess a small business DIY PR campaign and judge its success


The quickest, simplest online course in Public Relations

This online class is one on one and is designed to help small business owners get started in digital PR. It’s suited to complete beginners and focuses on actionable instructions, not fluff! Your trainer will deliver your course via Skype (or similar) and it will take approximately two hours. You’ll receive an action plan at the end that includes “where to start” and “what to do next” style tips.


About your facilitator

Kristy Edwards has been training small business owners in social media marketing and blogger outreach for five years. While she’s authoritative and a respected specialist in this field, her style is to keep it simple and help you to have a clear path in mind for making your campaign work. It’s 100% practical. It’s actionable. It’s step by step. Kristy is supportive and friendly, and there are no silly questions! Ask away.

Do you want to get amazing online PR for your small business without paying the big brand prices?

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