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At Brand Meets Blog we empower and engage with bloggers who want to work professionally with corporate brands. To make money blogging, you’ll need to deliver pro skills and engaged audiences. Our vision is for bloggers to grow their skills so that they can continue to inspire and connect with their readers when working on brand programs. We want your spark, the special essence that makes your blog work, to shine – all the time.

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Why monetise with Brand Meets Blog?

We care deeply about matching bloggers carefully with brands and making sure that the stories that we help you bring to life, works for your readers – because, if it works for your readers, then it works for you. We want to help you grow your blog, grow your reputation as a blogger and learn all those pro-blogger skills you need to monetise. We don’t bind you to contracts and we don’t force you to work on projects that don’t excite you. We believe that blogging is a community, not a clique.
We share your desire to be authentic, ethical an uncompromising in the way you work with brands. We love getting to know and working with bloggers who love their communities and want to extend the way they work with brands.
If this sounds like something you want to be part of then here are some of the things we can help with…

1. Brand Campaigns

We help connect bloggers with the innovative corporate brands we work with; our most common brand activities are live events, review & giveaway posts, sponsored activity, ambassadorships.
We know that it’s important to share content that will be of interest to your readers, that won’t be seen en-masses online and that doesn’t alienate your readers. As such our blogger activities are guided by two principles. The first – identifying and inviting a small number of bloggers to be involved in any campaign. This allows you access to a new story, brand or opportunity with a degree of exclusivity so you get the most out of your involvement for yourself and your readers. Secondly – while the content might be exclusive the approach and sentiment it wholly inclusive. We want your readers to be able to feel the benefits and value of your involvement and are always looking at new and creative ways to achieve this.
We recongise that working with brands opens up a world of opportunity for bloggers wishing to “go pro” and that sponsored and un-sponsored activity go hand in hand in achieving these outcomes for bloggers.
If this sounds like you then please take the survey to let us know about your blog and the kinds of things you’re interested in.

2. Coaching Sessions

We host information evenings on Facebook on how to get “PR Ready” and the skills you need to work with brands. Need help with Analytics? Want more attention on social? Our Facebook based coaching sessions and blogger bootcamps are all about helping you to make money blogging by going pro.

3. Connect further with us

Join our Bloggers Group on Facebook for more ways to go pro.
You can also sign up to the newsletter which keeps you in the loop on latest trends, brand information and other tidbits along the way, and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.
We truly love blogging and bloggers and are committed to offering the best possible opportunities for bloggers when it comes to working with brands. We’d love to connect with you and help you achieve your dreams with and when working with brands! Interested? You can apply to work with us here.

4. Never get asked to do stuff for free again.

Simply send them to Brand Meets Blopg and they can pay you what you’re worth!  Brand Meets Blog is the easiest way to monetise your social media and blog presence and finally get paid for what you do.  Brand Meets Blog is the simplest way for Australian Influencers to get paid.

Why our influencers are happy influencers!

  • Name your price. We don’t dictate your fees.
  • Pay no subscription.  We take a percentage from sales
  • Reject bad fit jobs.  If the job really doesn’t fit, you have first right of refusal
  • No propping.  The work comes to you.
  • Total control.  No agency BS.  No contracts.  Total control.

We’re currently signing Influncers with highly engaged Blogs, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter Profiles.

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