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Brand Meets Blog Clients

We work with Australia’s largest Advertising Agencies, PR Agencies and Digital Agencies to uncover sales opportunities for their clients. We don’t keep a small roster of same-same bloggers talking to the same, shared audience. We deliver your clients top tier blogger outreach and social amplification packages with every campaign, but when you can also reach deep into the client’s core market, delight happens.    We connect you with the big guns, with big numbers, but we also deliver niche bloggers for highly targeted, sales winning blogger campaigns.

Strategic Consulting or Buzzing Execution

Your project team includes vetrans of broadcast media, digital media specialists and working bloggers.  Need consultation on taking a traditional media campaign and converting it to clickable, remarkable content?  We can make sure your client’s message is coherent and perfectly adapted for optimum online results.  Just want it done? Give us the instructions and we’ll make it happen.

How can help your agency delight your clients?

We partner with PR, Advertising and Digital Agencies in Australia, to make your job simpler.  Let us match a compelling campaign to your client’s budget and create beautiful data together!

Better Results.  Less Work.  Happier Clients.


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