Food Bloggers

How To Get The Most From Working With Food Bloggers

Businesses thank their lucky stars for Australian food bloggers every day. Their knowledge and influence inspires consumers to step outside their comfort zone and try something new.

Food bloggers are the go-to websites for foodies and home cooks because they take the guess work out making the decision of where to eat or what to cook. Cooking blogs are a trusted source for parents and time poor individuals, mainly because they create quick and easy meals that offer something different, recipes that have some flare and uniqueness. Their large following trusts their opinions without doubt and as a result products and brands promoted through this avenue have sky-rocketed their success.

The top food bloggers all do these 3 things!

All the great food bloggers in Australia have three shared qualities. In a world oversaturated with food bloggers, it is these factors that sets them apart from the rest.

Eat with your eyes

Food bloggers know that you eat with your eyes before you taste with your mouth. They know if their images are not on point, taken from the perfect angle with optimal lighting, they will not stand out. They take the time to capture the flavours, colours and atmosphere in a simple photograph.

Recipes that keep you coming back for more

A good recipe blog will have a wide variety of meals and recipes that vary in flavours and difficulty. They appeal to every kind of cook from beginner to expert. Food bloggers take out the hard work for consumers by showcasing enticing, mouthwatering and appealing options that are achievable.

Get people talking

Foodies don’t want to waste time researching and this is why food bloggers are imperative to businesses. In this day and age where social media is key, food bloggers engage with their audiences to promote new products, exciting meals and must try experiences.

Food audiences are hungry for your brand – here’s how to serve them best

It isn’t uncommon for food bloggers to be out on the town trying the latest and greatest restaurants. Food bloggers are not just critics, they don’t just throw their opinion around, they live and breathe food. They love the experience, the textures, the taste and most importantly the atmosphere of what they do.

Their passion for food enables them to execute and deliver an honest, flavoursome and individual take on their experience through not only written content but also real-time social promotions.

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Australia is no stranger to great food. Both Melbourne and Sydney are well known for its hospitality. Following in Melbourne’s footsteps, Sydney is quickly becoming known for its small bar trend and festive atmosphere. While Sydney is definitely stacking up the plates and making their vision known, Melbourne is and always will be the food capital of Australia.

Melbourne food bloggers share their taste bud tingling discoveries from iconic ‘eat streets’ to fine dining restaurants and they do it with flare. This why they are the optimal avenue to promote your restaurant and/or destination.


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