What’s a Flatlay and how do you NAIL it?

A brilliant flatlay is your money shot. Your products are strategically spaced apart on a flat surface and photographed from above. This is no place for your selfie stick. The science of aesthetics apply, and this is how to do it.

Brand ambassadors

Your flatlay needs to tell a visual story, and appeal to your followers to increase your online exposure. You could leave it to the experts; brand ambassadors. A brand ambassador is employed to engage with your consumers. Find a kick-ass social media master, hand over your products, and let your ambassador do the rest. It is a brand ambassador’s job to rock a flatlay with your products in it, which propels your brand into the public eye.

how to take flatlay images

Master the art of flatlay

That said, there is no reason why you can’t NAIL a flatlay yourself:

· Use natural light

Choose a spot with optimal natural light. Artificial light will make your shot look just that; artificial. Photograph in the morning or by midday, when natural light is soft. Avoid direct sunlight unless you want shadows lurking in your prize shot.

· Sort out your backdrop

Get your backdrop in check. White is usually the way to go, but you can play around with natural textures, too. Wood, marble and even fluffy rugs work as an interesting background.

· Find the right balance

Less is more. Don’t clutter your flatlay. Too busy, and your follower’s attention will sway. Leave blank spaces in-between your selected pieces. Work with your hero product first, and place other pieces around that. One or two main pieces only need a few little extras to complete the picture.

· Harmonise your colour theme

Don’t throw all the colours of the rainbow into your flatlay shot, stick to colour themes that appeal to the eye. You don’t need to be too matchy-matchy, but you do need colours to work in harmony. If in doubt, Google your ‘colour wheel’, and use it.

· Get creative with your extras

Don’t distract with too many off-topic things. Nevertheless, working extras into your flatlay shot can work wonders. Natural elements work because they aren’t (usually) commodities to compete with your prize piece. Place flowers, branches or leaves into your flatlay, alternatively, a mug of tea, glass of juice, or a piece of fruit, a pencil or journal can aesthetically work their way into your image.
Whether you choose to employ a brand ambassador or DIY, be the envy of your competitors, and post amazing flatlay shots that sell. Nail your flatlay so your key product screams out to your followers.

Flatlay’s aren’t the only strategy used in social media. To see more strategies CLICK HERE.

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