Work with Australian Fashion Bloggers

How To Get The Most From Working With Fashion Bloggers

Australian fashion bloggers are doing amazing things for the fashion industry. Their flare and individual take on style influences consumers to embrace the next trend about to hit the stores.

It is for this reason that designers of all stature, whether they are up and coming or a well-known label are begging to work with fashion influencers. They know their followers and inspire them to be unique yet on board with your brand and designs. Style bloggers do more than just showcase what is new on the runway, they encourage consumers to be confident and step out of their comfort zone. They successfully execute this by sharing tips on how to dress for your body shape and as a result they gain the trust of their readers.

The top fashion bloggers all do these 3 things!

Fashion bloggers in Australia know what’s what when it comes to style but what set the best ones apart from the rest? There are three qualities that the top Australian fashion blogs have.

Eye-catching images

If a fashion blog cannot make style look good, everyday men and women won’t waste their time. Showcasing a new range or outfit in a way that appears achievable and most importantly flattering for shoppers is what the best fashion influencers achieve in a simple image.

Great engagement with fashionistas

Fashion groupies live and breathe fashion so it is only natural that they want to talk and discuss where their favourite fashion bloggers got a particular outfit, how much it cost, is there a sale and the list goes on.
There are many platforms that allow these conversations and Instagram is one of the most popular avenues at the moment. Check out #AustralianFashionBlogger!

Passion for fashion

Fashion changes and evolves on a daily basis which means what was popular last month will be on its way out the next. Australian fashion bogs are passionate about style trends and are always on the lookout for what is going to hit stores next. They see new-season styles straight off the runway and put their own signature flair to it.

Fashion audiences are hungry for your brand – here’s how to serve them best

Fashion bloggers know where to their audience hangs out and even more importantly than that, their audience knows where to find them. Style bloggers have the mastered the art of street selfies with the perfect head tilt and industrial street chic and this works. It works well!

The best fashion bloggers in Australia won’t just be on one platform, they will be everywhere. Strutting their style on Facebook, working their magic on Twitter, embracing their attitude on Instagram and keeping their audience up to date on their blog. Each of these platforms will offer fans a taste of the style bloggers individualism and leave them wanting more!

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