Work with Australian DIY & Eco Bloggers

How To Get The Most From Working With DIY Bloggers

Australian DIY, eco and frugal bloggers are doing revolutionary things for budget friendly brands. These unique and creative bloggers have made being thrifty cool by showing consumers that they can still have nice things but also save money where it counts.

Economical and low priced products and brands are of high importance in this day and age when everyday men and women are doing it tough. Frugal bloggers introduce them to alternative options that can be trusted while saving them money. This makes these bloggers not only trusted, they are desired.

The top DIY bloggers all do these 3 things!

Not every money saving blog is created equal. There are thousands of blogs that have tips on how to save money but what makes the best frugal bloggers in Australia stand out is these three things.

Variety in topics Ultimately it will be about taking control of your finances but there are so many ways to do this and a good frugal blogger will cover all topics.

  • Meal planning and budget friendly recipes
  • Saving plans
  • Discounts and sales
  • DIY

Great engagement

Engagement is crucial for penny-wise bloggers which is why the best bloggers in this field will have a Facebook group to accompany their blog and business page. This gains consumers trust, a taste of what they want to see more of and also how to incorporate other ideas into their own.

Product integration

Due to the wide range of topics this blogger covers, integrating products in a natural way is an art they perfect early on. Often products will even be used for alterative purposes which peaks even more interest in consumers eyes.

Frugal audiences are hungry for your brand – here’s how to serve them best

When saving money and trying to make ends meet, people are more skeptical on making new purchases. The benefit frugal bloggers have is that their audience trusts them. Their fans see firsthand how bloggers save money and therefore go to them for advice.

While tutorials are very popular for the thrift store or Kmart hack, printable worksheets and money saving ideas are the most effective way frugal bloggers reach their audience. Frugal bloggers know how to reach their fans and connect with them through a mutual struggle, desire and flare for penny pinching.

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