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Dan Norris is fast becoming one of Australia’s best known content marketers.  It’s not just that he’s a content machine (literally, that was the name of his first book), it’s that he’s repeatedly used his content marketing model to launch successful start ups in Australia.  His most recent book Create or Hate gives a kick up the bum to bloggers and entrepreneurs who want to create but are holding themselves back.


What’s your greatest blogging achievement to date?

I guess being awarded #1 business blogger in Australia by Smarter Business Ideas magazine. But I’m probably more proud of the businesses I’ve been able to build off the back of my blogs like WP Curve, 7 Day Startup and Black Hops Brewing.

Dan Norris COntent Marketer

What’s your top tip for getting more readers?

Just try to create content that is different and needed in the world, do it a lot and you will find people for it. The biggest problem is people write stuff that has already been written and it’s much harder to get cut through.

What do you wish you’d invested more time in when you started out?

Dan Norris at Problogger 2016

I invested well and truly enough time. I blogged for about 6 or 7 years before I saw any real return for it. I’m not sure I needed to change anything about that other than I didn’t have the right business to back up the content.

What’s the hardest lesson you’ve had to learn about blogging?

Probably that no matter how successful your content is, you still have to have the right business to back it up. In 2012 my content was starting to go really well but no one wanted to buy my products so it didn’t really produce any results.

Is motivation an issue for you?  How do you stay on top of your blog?

Yes, I delegate almost everything to do with all of my businesses. That’s the only way I can make sure the ongoing work keeps happening. If I didn’t do that, I wouldn’t produce anywhere near as much work and wouldn’t be able to keep up with the consistency.

Any time management tips for busy bloggers?

Work on what you love and time will disappear and you will prioritise your work much more. Delegate everything that feels like work.

How did you start monetising?  Any monetising tips for newer bloggers?

I never wrote anything without thinking about how to make money. I’m first and foremost an entrepreneur and a blogger is secondary. Make sure you are always thinking about the business side but also accept that it takes a long time to build up trust and momentum with blogging.


Dan Norris hosts a Facebook group for business owners and bloggers to talk about their successes and support each other.

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