Work With Australian Design Bloggers

How to get the most from working with Design bloggers

Australian design bloggers are having a huge impact on the craft, design and interior decorating industries. Their ability to envision the end result and create a room or feature piece that is achievable for consumers makes them not only valuable, they are a must for brands!

As a result of the high level of influence design and craft bloggers have on DIYers, interior decorators and craft hobbyists, businesses are lining up wanting to work with Australia’s top design bloggers. Knowing how to inspire their audience and connect with them makes these design blogs appealing to customers and brands.

The top design bloggers all do these 3 things!

A design blogger knows their stuff. Don’t they all? While thousands of design and craft bloggers are making their mark on the world, the best design bloggers stand out because they offer something more than the others.

Great images

It is one thing to have images showing what you are doing and how to achieve the look but if the images aren’t appealing to the eye their audience will just scroll past. The best design bloggers know that their images are crucial to achieving the level of professionalism required to make an impact, in a positive way.


Written instructions are a thing of the past and these bloggers know that. Video tutorials are now the go to source for DIY and crafting. It gives fans a step by step of how they can achieve the same piece, the same design and the same confidence that the blogger processes.

Design bloggers are big on social media and Facebook groups because it allows them the opportunity to see what their (and your) target market wants to achieve and their skill levels. This gives bloggers an insight into the minds of consumers and what they want to see more of.

Design audiences are hungry for your brand – here’s how to serve them best

Tutorials are the best option for design bloggers to connect with their audience. It also allows the opportunity for brands to have their products inserted organically into promotions because it is something that the blogger and consumer would potentially use.

Interior design bloggers in Australia use images to relay their designs and give their audience a taste of the overall atmosphere. These bloggers are popular in most avenues; Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and their interior design blogs.

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