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Easy Content Amplification Explained

Content Amplification for brands

What is content amplification?

Content amplification is using sources outside your website to drive traffic to your stellar content.  Most commonly it’s using social media to drive traffic to content on your website.

Why choose influencers to amplify my content?

Social media influencers share your content with their already established audiences.  This means you can hack growth on your own socials while driving highly targeted traffic to your content.  Building a social presence is time-consuming – why not just tap into an established and engaged community?

Influencers vs advertising

Social influencers cost around the same as advertising per impression.  Like advertising, you’ll need to find the right influencer for your brand and carefully measure results.  Unlike advertising though, social influencers carry word of mouth value.  Social influencer campaigns are more like PR campaigns than advertising campaigns because influencers are trusted sources of information.  By amplifying your brand, they’re persuading customers that you’re credible and desirable.

Which social platform is right for my brand?

If you’re already in the process of building a social reputation, we recommend booking influencers to “shout out” to your existing profile as well as your content.  If you’ve not dipped your toes in on a particular platform, measuring results from your influencer campaign will demonstrate if it’s worth investing in that medium.  To learn more about the core demographics for each platform we service, read more here.

What does the influencer do for me?

The right influencer will help build your brand reputation and help you grow your social media properties.  They will be able to tell your brand/product story to their audience in a way that is authentic and engaging. Their job is to expand your circle of influence. Learn more here.

What do I need to provide?

It’s simple really, depending on which platform you have chosen for your influencer outreach you need to:


  1. Tell us your Facebook Page
  2. Pin the post you want shared
  3. Tell us an overview of your goals


Facebook Groups:Facebook

  1. Come up with an awesome offer
  2. Give us your artwork
  3. Tell us your goals



  1. Choose gorgeous images for five products or blogs you’d like pinned or repinned
  2. Tell us your goals and your hashtags




  1. Give us the link to the post you’d like regrammed
  2. Or, let our influencer choose something fabulous that will get their fans to follow you too




  1. Provide links to a product or blog you’d like Tweeted or a post you’d like Retweeted.
  2. Tell us your hashtags and campaign goals

 Can I dictate exactly what the influencer says?

Yes, if the message is suited to the audience.  If you have a specific message that you would like the influencer to post for you, please tell us in your campaign booking form.  Keep in mind that influencer outreach is about authenticity.   Your influencer knows their audience and what gets them talking.  By supplying dot points, rather than a script, you’ll likely see better results.


I want to amplify a specific piece of content, is that OK?

Yes, include the link in the campaign brief and the influencer will share, pin, retweet or regram depending on the social platform you have chosen. 

Why can’t I see the name of the influencer I’m trying to book?

Upon completion of the booking, you’ll receive a notification with the influencer’s URL. It’s a very good idea to take a look at the profile, like it and monitor it.  That way, you can be a part of any conversation sparked by your shout out and tailor your content to your new audience.

What if I’ve booked an influencer I don’t want to work with?

It’s vital to read all the information on the influencer’s booking page to help you make the very best decisions.  Unless the information provided on the booking page proves somehow false, there is no refund on bookings. You can however cancel any activity by that influencer if you wish.

What if the influencer won’t work with my brand?

We ask you to carefully read all information provided by the influencer on their booking page and avoid booking anything that doesn’t “fit”.  If the influencer refuses to work with your brand we will refund your money less a 20% booking fee.

Are shout outs the only content amplification option?

Many of our influencers also offer guest blogging opportunities (nofollowed links) and product reviews. These are booked manually through the team at Brand Meets Blog.  There are big things on the horizon for Brand Meets Blog so bookmark the site!

Do I have to be an Australian or New Zealand based business owner?

Your distribution must be Australian or New Zealand based.  We do not provide shout-outs to companies distributing from foreign locations.  You must have a local office and distribution site.

How is Brand Meets Blog different to Tribe Influencer?

If you’ve used the Tribe Influencer App, you’ll know how easy and convenient it is to secure social amplification for your content or campaign.  Brand Meets Blog goes beyond Tribe’s capabilities by allowing for bookings across multiple social networks and “set and forget” bookings – no need to read a thousand “dud” submissions to find the good ones!  Brand Meets Blog also allows for niche influencers to amplify your content.  We understand that you don’t have to have a loud voice to deliver the perfect message.  On Brand Meets Blog you’ll find influencers in your niche – even if it’s a small but lucrative one – with shout-outs priced to suit your budget.

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