Can A Bottle Of Champagne Buy You A Blog Review?

I’ve had a week of interesting pitches and PR/business conversations as I’ve been working away on my personal blog.ย And by interesting, I mean very average. From the multitude of blanket pitches to the campaign that was supposed to start this week and has been cancelled at the last minute after months of conversations. Yep, that one was a real kicker! With Christmas around the corner, the opportunities being spruiked are endless, and I’ve really seen the best and the worst of them.

Today I stopped by the post office to check my PO box and was greeted with this courtesy of ย iRedeem, iredeem


Now, I have a really busy day today; I leave home tomorrow with the kids and won’t be back here til late in January. I haven’t finished packing and I have a mountain of work to do but here I am, taking time away from those things, to share this pitch with you. Because it got my attention.


1. It’s a bottle of champage! This is both lovely and on message – the app is geared towards people who want to save money. It’s Christmas time, party season and they’ve sent me a bottle of champagne that will be perfect to share with friends and family over the coming weeks – something lovely to share, that I don’t have to buy.

2. It’s a bottle of champagne – that means I want to find out who sent it to me and why. I’ve taken the time to read the message and understand the product. I’ve learnt that…

  • iRedeem replaces traditional vouchers.
  • You download the app and can see what offers are available around Melbourne – the app is location based so it’s easy to find the offers that are close by.
  • When you go to the venue to redeem the voucher you simply show them the offer on your phone. No more forgetting or losing the voucher, win!
  • The app also tells you about free activities that are location-based.
  • The app is free to download and use!
  • The app is currently Melbourne based but they have plans to expand nationally.

3. I didn’t know anything about it until it arrived today – that means I haven’t had to spend any time conversing with a rep about it – so the time I’ve saved going back and forth, I’m now spending on the post. As a time poor mum and business owner, I really appreciate that! (Bloggers, take note – this arrived in this way because I put my PO Box on my blog for anyone who wants it. See here for more tips to help you have a PR friendly blog: 5 Steps For Making Your Blog PR Friendly)

4. It was a matter of timing. I’ve had a few frustrating experiences this week and this pitch was simply a breath of fresh air amidst it all. If this had arrived last week I can’t promise you I would have come straight home and sat down to blog it. Pitching bloggers does have a lot to do with timing, but little gestures like this one can make a difference between getting airtime and getting binned.

Can a bottle of champagne buy you a blog review? No, it can’t. What is can do is help you stand out from the crowd so that your message gets through the sea of noise in a bloggers day. Well done iRedeem, and thank you!

What could you do to make your message stand out?

Bloggers, what’s the best pitch you’ve ever received?


  1. I agree – the products that I am likely to write about are the ones that have been presented with a unique angle, or are otherwise more thoughtful that their competition.

    Also, you’re going to be away from home until late January?! I’m not sure I could do it! Good luck!

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  2. I’m constantly getting app review requests and I confess – no I-phone here! (I got a really funny look from a phone salesman who asked what I wanted my new phone to do – “Err – make phone calls?”)

    I like interesting/ creative pitches. Quantum Finish have been good – they send Woolies vouchers, product and pay you for their promotions.

    Lately I’ve just been sharing products I really like (without being asked to) on the Whoa Mumma facebook page and I’ve been getting surprise ‘thank you’ gifts in the mail.

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  3. I am going to get a PO box this week having read this! I would LOVE a random bottle of champagne ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’ve had some very odd and badly matched pitches the past couple of weeks, along with a couple of fantastic ones.

    I think I am getting very fussy and picky these days though, I’m saying no far more than yes… my time has taken on a different value now that I’m working as well as juggling therapy appointments etc. Minimal pay for two posts plus dragging my kids into the city just pre-Christmas or the idea of writing for a big company for the ‘privelege’ of it just isn’t floating my boat at all!

    Have a brilliant holiday season Louisa. You are inspirational as always xox.

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  4. I have a PO Box already, I will be adding it to my contact page today ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. I think the best two were from Lindt – one offering a huge prize to one lucky reader (and then sending me the same as well) and the other one was for the opening of their Chapel St Cafe in Melbourne. I like to feel special. It doesn’t have to be money, I just like to feel special…

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  6. Oh wow – never thought to include a PO box address on our contact page ๐Ÿ™‚ Love the idea! Enjoy your bottle of champagne – and hey I would easily blog about it….after I had drunk it ๐Ÿ™‚


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  7. I like interesting mail mysteries, provided I don’t have to run fingerprint analysis to discover the sender.

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  8. Clever product and clever marketing pitch. Gives a bit of cred to their product that they will keep looking for outside the box ways to add new companies to the list

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  9. ooooo lovely. Champagne would win me over too. iRedeem sounds good. will be checking that out… for what’s left of my time in Melbourne…

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  10. The nicest PR pitch I ever got was when I was a freelance travel writer. I got a glass container full of shells and sand, sent with a bottle of champagne, and a menu, inviting me to a special food and wine event at Hamilton Island. Of course I wanted to be there, like a shot!

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