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Create a Social Media Buzz Around Your Business or Event!

You don’t need to be a social media expert to create a buzz marketing campaign for your business.  Ain’t nobody got time for that, right? Brand Meets Blog is about getting your page or profile some “shoutouts” on popular or influential pages.  Our Influencers will tell their audiences all about you and your brand.  Why build a social media presence one follower at a time when you can hack growth with buzz marketing.

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How do I create some buzz? Simply!

  • Pick the influencers you want to work with
  • Put in your brief
  • We’ll do the rest – you’ll get screenshots and data delivered to your inbox at the end of the campaign.

Sound Simple?  It is.

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Is Buzz Marketing right for me?

Creating a buzz around your brand is all about getting customers to come to you, excited to buy.  If you’re tired of chasing sales and would rather have highly targeted, Australian shoppers eagerly joining your online community, then buzz marketing strategies are perfect for you.  Social media marketing, buzz marketing, influencer marketing…they’re all part of your overall content marketing plan.  And content marketing goes hand in hand with traditional SEO.  If you need help bringing all your digital marketing together, talk to our Digital Strategist.

How much buzz will my campaign generate?

Your chosen influencers will do their best to create hype around your brand.  Even a small campaign, using moderately sized pages can make a big difference to your sales – if you choose your influencers right!  Size isn’t everything.  Attracting the right customers will make you more money than lots of time wasters! To help them make it great you can:

  • Provide AWESOME images
  • Fill in the brief clearly, accurately and thoroughly
  • Read up on the influencers before you make your decision
  • Keep your own social profiles up to date and buzzing with “good stuff”
  • Plan carefully and book your campaign in early (to get the best spots)

Want to get the most from your campaign?

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Will I get contact details for the influencers?

Yes.  Once you’ve submitted your campaign, you’ll be provided with the influencers’ details.  Running social media campaigns can be very time-consuming.  We make it simple to get everything booked in and delivered without a hitch!  Our goal is to make you, and your new followers happy.

Stop chasing sales and start connecting with customers.

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