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How to get the most from working with Australian business bloggers

An Australian business blog is the fairy godmother to businesses, startups and budding entrepreneurs. In an online world dominated by business focused content, business owners make time for these blogs, confiding in them for up to date information on changing trends and ways to succeed in business.

Not only do business blogs attract a niche and motivated audience, their audience is at a unique stage of their journey, looking for information that will help them succeed. This is where your brand fits in. Exposing your brand at this stage is where you’ll get the most out of working with a business blogger.

The top business bloggers all do these (3) things!

Australian business bloggers have a knack for making business owners get excited about their business and helping turn dreams into reality. They do this by:

  1. Providing value in the form of free resources – think videos, podcasts, eBooks and eCourses.
  2. Motivating business owners, and
  3. Sharing their wisdom so business owners don’t have to reinvent the wheel

Tie these three things together and you have influence power, the secret ingredient to brand promotion.

Business audiences are hungry for your brand – here’s how to serve them best

Business audiences visit Australian business blogs because they’re hungry for information, but beware, business audiences can sniff out a hard sell instantaneously. Being savvy and using native advertising that cleverly takes on the look and feel of the blog will get their inadvertent attention.

Perhaps you may have the business blogger use your brand camera in a video that covers practical tips on taking the best flat lay photographs. Alternately, the business blogger could make reference to your cloud accounting software as being able to save hundreds on bookkeeping fees in a sponsored post about ways to cut down on business expenses.

When it comes to business audiences, think native.

Got a local business? Why Brand Meets Blog is the only choice!

Brand Meets Blog has 111 established and respected business bloggers here in Australia, both top tier and niche. If you’re looking to drill down your audience into specific regions, you can also tap into bloggers located in each state as well as our friends over the ditch, New Zealand:

⦁ Connect with over 28 Business and Education Bloggers in Sydney & NSW
⦁ Connect with over 36 Business and Education Bloggers in Melbourne & Victoria
⦁ Connect with over 10 Business and Education Bloggers in Perth & Western Australia
⦁ Connect with over 13 Business and Education Bloggers in Canberra, Darwin, New Zealand, Adelaide, South Australia & Tasmania
⦁ Connect with over 24 Business and Education Bloggers in Brisbane & Queensland


The hard work has been done for you. A niche audience, trust, loyalty, influence power – it’s in the hands of Australian business bloggers, all you have to do is accept the challenge and get your brand in front of them. What have you got to lose? Contact us now to get started.

Focusing on education?  From prep to post grad…

Education bloggers are the perfect writers to enlighten and educate your audience and target market online. Education bloggers are able to write content that adds value to your product or service which makes your site a trusting website people can turn to.

Childcare services, online toy stores, schools, universities, online education services and many more can benefit from an authentic voice of an Australian education blogger.

Gain your potential client’s trust by engaging with an education blogger and expose your business to a brand new audience!

What is an education blogger?

Education bloggers seek to inform and educate others in a unique, engaging way. Perhaps you sell wooden toys and would really like your clients to know their amazing benefits, or maybe you are a careers consultation company and would really like to help your clients know how to decide if they should move on from a career. Your education blogger is there to bring your potential client to your site with interesting content that will help answer their questions.

An education blogger makes the reader feel informed while cleverly integrating your product or service within the blog.

Edu bloggers, teacher bloggers, parent bloggers that provide their audience with educational activities for children are all fabulous platforms to advertise your educational product or service.

Which brands work with education bloggers?

Education bloggers are of a great variety. Brands that work with education bloggers include but are not limited to:
⦁ Childcare services
⦁ Online course companies
⦁ Toy stores
⦁ Educational app businesses

The top education bloggers all do these things!

Top education bloggers are those with knowledge and a knack for educating their readers in a compelling way. Here’s exactly what they do:

Educate their audience, and do it well!

Top education bloggers are writing informative content that draws their reader in. It’s the opposite of dry, clever and answering every reader’s question on a particular topic. The top education blogger will have all their readers feeling like they have gained something by reading the blog.

Educate and sell seamlessly

An education blogger has a trusting voice. They want their reader to feel that they are an authority on a particular topic. When they have received their reader’s trust, they can integrate product and service sales seamlessly and cleverly within their blog.

Know their topics inside, out

Your top education blogger is a great researcher! They can easily and quickly separate fiction from fact to ensure the information they bring their readers is the best information for them. They engage their audience by being able to answer questions on their topics and build up followers who look to them for advice and information.

Education audiences are hungry for your brand – here’s how to serve them best

Many people stumble across an educational blog when they are looking for information. Someone may be trying to decide which educational toys are suitable for 2 year olds, another may be wondering how to choose their online course.

Using education bloggers for sponsored posts, guest posts, reviews, giveaways or banner advertising is a great way to collaborate with an education blogger. They will ensure your brand reaches their audience who they already have a trusting relationship with.