Blogger Agencies: Will This Work For My Business?

With the rising popularity of bloggers, more and more businesses are turning their minds to blogger outreach and engaging agencies and experts to help them.  So how do you know if what you’re engaging will work for your business? Here are some questions to ask the next time you’re approached about participating in a blogger engagement program. For Businesses

  • Check out the social media profile of the person/company approaching you. You can get an idea of whether someone knows what they are talking about by looking at their own social media presence. How well are they engaging on twitter & facebook? How many fans/followers do they have and how connected are they with them? (it’s not just about numbers). A brief look at these things will tell you a lot about a person/company and their expertise.
  • Ask questions, lots of questions and if you don’t know what questions you should be asking find out. The best question we are ever asked is “Why shouldn’t we just do this ourselves? Why should we work with you?” We’re never afraid of that question and every client should ask it.
  • Has this person/business worked on previous campaigns and can you see some of the results?
  • Does the business seek to understand your goals and needs, or are they applying a “package deal”? Look for how this strategy is being integrated with your needs and goals. There may be points of commonality between campaigns but your specific business objectives should always be considered.
  • How is what’s on offer different to traditional advertising? New media should look different to a traditional campaign; if it doesn’t then you should hear alarm bells and go back to Step 2: ask lots of questions!
  • How well does the opportunity integrate with your whole digital strategy?
  • What kind of relationship does the business have with the bloggers they are working with? What kind of follow up can you expect? What kind of guidance are they giving bloggers around expectations and goals of the campaign? (I’m not suggesting that bloggers be asked to write in a certain way – the very opposite in fact!, I am suggesting that it’s fairer on both bloggers and brands if they goals and expectations of the event are made clear from the start, especially if money is involved (travel/accomodation costs etc…)


What do you think is most important in a blogger outreach agency?


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