The Perfect Pitch To Reach Bloggers and WOW Them

The million dollar question in blogger relations is how to pitch so you get noticed…and air time. One of the greatest frustrations for bloggers is “the bad pitch”.

I believe that great pitches are possible and it’s part of why Brand Meets Blog was started, but you don’t have to be a blogger to get it right – there are lots of great PR and brand reps out there doing a great job! I wanted to create a mantra that I believes captures best practice approach to pitching bloggers and am excited to share it with you today. I must thank Kate from Picklebums for turning it into something so colourful and fun!

I’ve created this to be a helpful guide, highlighting what I believe it best way to go about blogger relations. I hope you find it helpful. You are welcome to save this image and use it at your discretion.

Here are a few ways you might like to use this poster:

For the PR/biz/brand reps reading…

  • Save and print it out to put on your office wall as a reminder.
  • Share it with your colleagues
  • Blog about it/how/ways you respect bloggers in your approach
  • PIN it
  • Tweet the link to this post
  • Give me your feedback
  • Live it!

For the bloggers reading…

  • PIN it
  • Share this post via twitter
  • Blog about it/how you feel about PR pitches
  • Share it on Facebook
  • Grab the button and put it in your sidebar
  • Give me your feedback

Blogger Relations

You can put this image on your site by copying and pasting the text in the box below into a blog post or sidebar.

<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”×150.jpg” alt=”Blogger Relations” border=”0″ /></a>


Now, let’s create some magic!


  1. love this poster! I’ll be tweeting about it after I write this.. one of the things that I really dislike is receiving a cookie cutter pitch that says “Hi” or “dear blogger”. I know that companies may not have time to personalise each email, but I reckon if I can take the time to read your pitch, please at least address it to me properly.. Or I might just mistake it as spam. It really is hard to miss my name on my blog!!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

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  2. This is awesome. Not something I’ve had to deal with much (or at all) but such great advice for communicating at any level.

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  3. I got my first pitch last night and it really left me scratching my head.

    Firstly, they addressed it to Dear Blogger.

    Secondly, they sent it to the email address of my old blog – clearly they hadn’t even visited my blog otherwise they [might have] realised that the blog address doesn’t exist anymore – how did they know that I was still a good fit for the products they are spruiking?

    I’m undecided whether to take up the offer – I had been thinking of buying the product to test on my daughters hair already but not sure I would have blogged about the experience. (I think I’ve already made my decision.)

    Hopefully the firm in question will take your advice on board.

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    • I believe I know the email you are referring to. I like the brand but addressed as Dear Blogger annoys me. Makes me want to reply “Dear PR Rep,…..

      do you get those letters in the mail addressed “Dear householder”?
      it’s the same thing, and those go in the bin too.

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      • I want to “like” this comment! Though this post isn’t actually referring to any one pitch, was written way before the email yesterday went out. For me the big lightbulb over a pitch that reads “dear blogger” is how many other bloggers have received this and therefore what could the unique angle be?

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  4. Great tips for PR companies to pitch to bloggers! So far we have emails addressed to our site and they have taken the time to find out our names 🙂

    I think that it is important to add a personal touch to emails or the person will not feel like they are important. Its the little touches that makes all of the difference!


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  5. oh and just to clarify, up there where it says “by Toushka”. That means I posted this, not wrote it. Louisa is the genius behind this, not me. But I love it.

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    • I hadn’t even noticed!

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  6. I’m yet to be approached by any form of PR company/rep, but when I do, I’ll be sure to remember your RESPECT poster. Thanks so much for sharing such fabulous tips!!

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  7. This is a great post….I’m just starting to be approached by PR companies and others and I have no idea what to expect or what I should be expecting…thanks so much!!!

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  8. Yes yes YES!!! I can’t tell you how many emails I just delete because they’re “Dear Blogger” or are just blatantly asking me to post about them for free!! I want to help companies get out there, but I can’t do it when they don’t respect my own company!! 🙂 Thank you for this!!

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