Why is Blogger Outreach SO DAMNED EXPENSIVE?

Why Is Blogger Outreach So Damn Expensive (And How Small Business Can Still Get Digital PR Results)

Have a product you want featured? A service to promote? But can’t afford blogger outreach? You aren’t alone!
Don’t get disheartened and give up before you have even begun, STOP, there is an option available that is perfect for even the smallest of businesses. Like any service, there are pros and cons but if you don’t have time woo and connect with bloggers then sometimes the cons seem trivial in comparison.

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What is blogger outreach and why does it cost so much?

Blogger outreach in simple terms is businesses working or collaborating with bloggers to promote products, services and brands. Bloggers achieve this by creating original and unique content that their readers see as genuine and relatable.

So why is it so expensive? Bloggers work hard to grow their following. They spend years refining their audience and interacting with readers which is part of what you are paying big dollars for. The other part is their time and knowledge required to write, promote and get the results you want. Some bloggers charge up to $10K for a guest blog, are you really willing to pay that? Can you even afford to pay that? If you answered no, there is a simple solution that will get you digital PR results without the large price tag and time-consuming task of ‘getting to know’ bloggers.

Brand MeetsBlog – an affordable blogger outreach alternative

If you are lacking the time and don’t have a huge budget to pay bloggers, Brand Meets Blog is the answer.

• Targeted audiences – You no longer have to build your audience from scratch, by using Brand Meets Blog to promote your social media, you will be thrust in front of real, targeted and established consumers.
• Choose your platform and influencer – Scroll through the pages of online influencers until you find the one or few that hit your target market. Opt for your platform of choice – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
• Stats – You no longer have to chase stats, they will be delivered at the end of each campaign so you can see how successful the promotion was.
• Affordable – For the cost of a one-off guest post with a reasonably sized blogger, you could purchase several social shares with varying social media influencers and still have change. This is an affordable option for small businesses that will get results!

• No links –Social actions contain no links, however, there are definitely SEO friendly social signals which go a long way in validating to Google your brand or product is quality content. Unlike a permanent blog, the SEO factors are not long lasting in social media however if this is a timely campaign to create awareness or promotion for your brand, it will achieve exactly what you want!

Create some buzz for your business without spending copious amounts of money you don’t have on blogger outreach. Reach your target market without lifting a finger. Brand Meets Blog is your cost-effective answer that will give you results!

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