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Our Blogger Outreach Agency Does It Differently

Brand Meets Blog is the premiere Australian blogger outreach agency that focuses 100% on “right fit” blogger outreach. We don’t keep a tight roster of “same-same” blogger. We believe that the only way to create authentic, engaged and rewarding blogger outreach campaigns is to find the exact right fit for your brand. We don’t have a roster, we have a network of highly influential, engaging, professional Australian bloggers who are already talking to your ideal audience.


Our Clients’ Stories

Below The Line Blogger Outreach

We work with innovative and exciting brands to help you leverage the opportunities of word-of-mouth marketing through connecting with the right bloggers. It’s important that our clients not only achieve maximum exposure but that they generate ongoing engagement with their target market. We know that you are selling more than a product. You are helping your customers create a better version of themselves, and so getting the story right really matters. Let’s tell your story well.


Our Bloggers’ Stories

Bloggers Talking About Kelloggs


Educated, respected, digitally savvy, dependable, consistent…. While every one of our bloggers tells a unique story in their own unique voice, the important things remain the same. When our agency reaches out to a new influencer, we ensure that they’re up to speed and ready to create something powerful. Helping bloggers grow, helps brands grow. We believe in empowerment.


Our Story

BMB Group Of Companies

Brand Meets Blog was born several years ago when blogger outreach was in its infancy. Founder Louisa Claire could see there was a disconnection between the pitches she was receiving as a successful blogger and the way blog influence really works. Neither the brand or blogger were really ‘winning’.
Fast forward and Brand Meets Blog has developed a network of over a thousand influential bloggers. Bloggers that trust BMB as a blogger outreach agency because it “gets bloggers”. The relationships formed in those early years is what has given BMB the disruptive edge that no other blogger outreach agency can match.
In 2016, BMB was bought out by Dana Flannery and Kristy Edwards. Dana and Kristy have been leading Brisbane digital marketers for almost a decade… they’re also bloggers. Dana and Kristy’s clientside experience, coupled with their deep reach into the blogger community makes them the ideal owners of Brand Meets Blog. Like everything about BMB, it’s a perfect fit.


The Evolving Vision of BMB

Our vision is to bring the stories of brands and bloggers together, with authenticity, to inform, inspire and motivate audiences.
Louisa’s original vision is still at the core of everything we do at BMB. With the addition of Kristy and Dana, BMB blogger outreach agency offers a new level of professionalism, of data driven reporting and creative clientside strategies.
Our little blogger outreach agency is all grown up! See for yourself, talk to us about a click magnet campaign for your brand.