BMB in Action! Blogger Events and Campaigns

Brand Meets Blog in Action!

Brand Meets Blog is proud to facilitate events for bloggers to attend in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth (Darwin, Hobart and Auckland by request). These events help bloggers get a first-hand experience of your product for review or feedback. You’ll also capture some amazing images and get some excellent social exposure. Whether it’s a product sampling with bloggers in Brisbane or simply a sponsored blogger meet up in Sydney, your brand can be in front of bloggers all over Australia.

Bloggers in Brisbane

Brisbane blogger meet ups and sponsored Brisbane blogger events happen at The Greek Club in South Brisbane or at the venue of your choosing. The Brisbane blogger community is large and well networked. The culture at Brisbane blogger meet ups is fun and relaxed, making for very authentic and engaging imagery. Holding an event in Brisbane gets you word of mouth beyond the blogger who attend. Everyone knows everyone in Brisbane.

Brisbane Bloggers

Bloggers in Sydney

Sydney blogger events are held in the heart of the city or with the backdrop of your choosing. Sydney is the heart of the fashion and lifestyle blogging in Australia and most bloggers will have a Sydney representative if they live out of state. Sydney is the most versatile city for blogger events and we love doing them here!

Bloggers in Sydney

Bloggers in Melbourne

If Sydney is the heart of Australia’s fashion blogging scene, then Melbourne bloggers are the heart and soul of food blogging. Melbourne’s foodie culture and offbeat venues make for stunning visuals for your blogger outreach campaign. The Melbourne blogging community is jam packed with clever and culturally progressive influencers. It’s the ideal location for a sophisticated blogger event.  From high fashion, to high tea… to Kellogg’s breakfast…  Melbourne is a perfect place to bring a bevy of bloggers together.

Bloggers Melbourne


Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Hobart and Auckland Bloggers

Australia and New Zealand boast some of the worlds most prolific and influential bloggers. Need a mummy blogger in Perth, Business blogger in Canberra or fashion blogger in Adelaide? We have dozens of influencers on hand and ready! Darwin? Hobart? Auckland? Our bloggers hail from all over and can create an ideal local event for you.

Destination Marketing – Let Brand Meets Blog Bring Them To You

It’s not just the big cities that boast thriving blogging communities. Brand Meets Blog is passionate about destination and travel blogging (see more on our travel bloggers here). Need to get mummy bloggers and their families to your regional location? If you’ve got the destination, talk to us about putting it on the map!