Blogger Outreach Case Study: Kellogg’s Mums

Over the past few weeks Kellogg Australia have held a number of blogger events around Australia. We’ve enjoyed taking Mum bloggers from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane out to breakfast to talk all things cereal, lifestyle and morning routines.

Sydney Mums

kelloggsmums melb large

Kellogg's Blogger Breakfast


Each brunch was remarkably different in feel and yet all included great conversation and of course, yummy breakfast!

The Kellogg’s Brunches set a high standard for Mum blogger events in two ways. The first was in their genuine interest in hearing what Mums have to say about breakfast, morning routines, and the Kellogg’s range of cereal. At each event was open and frank conversation combined with a lot of laughter. These were informative gatherings for Kellogg’s and Mums and they were also a lot of fun!

Kellogg’s were also committed providing fantastic child minding for the Mums attending and at the Sydney event, where children were not able to attend due to the factory tour,  they accommodated one breast-fed bub with 1-1 care. It was a privilege to work with a brand who wanted to ensure that these events, with up to 10children present, were genuinely child-friendly.

Kellogg's Blogger Breakfast

Blogger events can be a highly effective tool for reaching key influencers who care about your brand and message. Why does Kellogg’s want to work with Mum bloggers? Let them tell you themselves:

To hear how the events went down for the Mums involved you might like to read:

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Kellogg’s Mums by Nellbe’s Gluten Free Kitchen Table  (Yes, they invited a Mum blogger who cannot eat gluten. No, Kellogg’s does not currently offer a gluten free cereal in Australia. Intrigued?)

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  1. Wow I wish if Kellogg’s ever wants some more blogger moms they’d look
    me up! I eat cereal every day for breakfast. I’d like to be an ambassador for

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  2. Still disappointed I couldn’t make it…. I hope I can still get a cereal box with my face on it?

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    • Yes you can, hopefully this week even!

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    • Thanks for linking to this Bronnie 🙂

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