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How a BMB blog promotion can help your business and brand

At Brand Meets Blog we work with innovative and exciting brands (like you!) who want to generate amazing publicity and customer reach through targeted and well-matched blog promotion. We do this by ensuring you activate blog influence in ways that are meaningful and measurable for your brand.

Bloggers offer authentic word of mouth recommendations for brands that money simply can’t buy. With the growing influence of blogs over purchasing decisions and brand trust, tapping into leading authorities for your target market is an exciting and powerful way to promote your business.


It’s all about trust. Trust is the currency of influence

We know it’s important that you work with bloggers who are professional, influential and authentic – put simply, bloggers you can trust. We have developed a network of outstanding bloggers who are serious about how they partner with corporate businesses. Their audiences trust their opinions. With over 7 years’ experience in the blogosphere working with some of Australia’s biggest brands our team knows how to identify and engage with bloggers for meaningful, fun and measurable blog promotion.


Blog promotion strategy and tactics

A BMB blog promotion not only shares your message with engaged and highly influenced audiences, it can tick a bunch of other boxes too. Unlike other agencies, we’ve developed a network of hundreds of experienced bloggers, so we can find just the right bloggers for your campaign.
Once the right blogger are in place, we can help you achieve your campaign objectives with social media and blog promotions that get email sign ups, new page likes as well as traffic driving reviews and a whole host of creative and engaging ideas.


Plan your blog promotion now

Talk to our team right now about ways to get in front of the right audience for your brand and the right outcomes for your bottom line.