Three Ways To Become A Brand Influencer

Brand influencer

Influencer is the buzz word on everyone’s lips in the blogging and social media world, but what is an influencer and how can you become one?

What is an influencer?

If you have an active and engaged community on your blog, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or whatever social media floats your boat, guess what? You have the potential and the power to impact your followers’ thoughts, actions and purchases. You are an influencer.
Let’s break it down. Influencers are real people with loyal and engaged communities on their blog or social media platforms. These real people are called influencers because their authentic and relatable content moves people to take action.
That food blogger sharing her latest slow cooker meal to keep her family warm and content – she’s an influencer. That woman on Instagram showing off her new boots before she heads to the park with the kids – she’s an influencer. In their own real and relatable way, they are marketing a product. Their recommendation to their engaged audience has the ability to convert sales.

Brands love influencers

Influencers are a dream come true to brands because they offer access to a captive audience. People listen to and trust influencers. They offer a powerful voice with the ability to indirectly sell.
Partnerships between brands and bloggers can be mutually beneficial offering brands access to target audiences, and bloggers the opportunity to earn an income from their blog.

How to become an influencer

Be authentic

Be authentic. Be honest. Be real. Be you. Being authentic allows you to form a connection with your followers. You don’t need to give a warts and all portrayal of your life, but let your readers in to show them how relatable you are. If you can connect with your followers on an emotional level, they will become invested in you, trust you and listen to you. They will look to you for opinion, advice and inspiration.

Build an engaged community

You may have thousands of followers on your Facebook page, but how many are interacting with your page? Having thousands of followers might initially be attractive to brands, but if your followers aren’t engaging with your content, this could cause a marketing campaign to fall flat on its face. Build relationships with your followers. Ask them questions, respond to their comments and show an interest in them. If they feel like a valued member of a community, they will be more likely to contribute.

Publish consistently good content

To become an influencer you need to be seen. Be active on your blog and social media platforms. Start conversations, join conversations and get your words out there to build your authority and visibility. Good content that is relatable, valuable and/or tells a story will have people coming back for more.

Do you work with brands? What advice would you add to help others become a brand influencer?

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