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With stunning product flat lays, flawless selfies, tutorials, beauty product reviews and how-tos, Australian beauty bloggers are taking the beauty world by storm.  Thanks to their massive social media followings, beauty bloggers wield serious power and are skilled at influencing consumers daily.  Clever brands have been quick to cotton on to Australian beauty bloggers’ power of influence, and through positive partnerships are raising awareness like never before.

Beauty bloggers and brands – paint a pretty picture

Beauty bloggers Australia are breaking the internet with their beautiful and useful content. Whether they are skilled hair and makeup artists, or your average Jo with a penchant for bargain skincare, they can integrate product and messaging into their content with ease. Highly active on social media with a trusted audience, beauty bloggers are a dream come true for brands aiming to increase their visibility and drive sales. Beauty bloggers are engaging, entertaining, and in many cases, have celeb status.  Beauty bloggers are right up there with travel bloggers for YouTube celeb status and online cosmetic tutorials are some of the most watched videos by women aged 15-35.

Which brands work with Beauty bloggers?

When it comes to working with beauty blogs, brands promoting beauty, makeup, skincare, hair and nail products are onto a win. The opportunities are endless however with magazines, events and festivals, fashion, tech, travel and food brands all keen to tap into the success of the best beauty blogs.

The top Beauty bloggers all do these things


Beauty bloggers are the masters (or mistresses) of flawless selfies. Their beautiful social shots leave fans begging for more. Beauty bloggers are creative by nature with a talent for delivering product and messaging via gorgeous flat lays, before and afters and honest product reviews while Australian beauty YouTubers skillfully engage their audience with makeup tutorials.

Provide useful content

Whether it’s a tutorial on how to create a winged eyeliner look, reviews of cruelty-free skincare products, or a sneak peak of shiny new product soon to hit Australian shores, beauty bloggers are always looking for ways to show audiences their skills.  Whether the blogger is a professional beautician or just gifted at creating a stunning look, this niche is largely a “battle of skills”.

Clever integration of products and messaging

Promoting products and brands is what beauty bloggers do best. Fans are hungry for details on what’s hot or not in the world of beauty, and beauty bloggers happily deliver. Whether it’s a push for a product in a review, or a subtle plug in a makeup tutorial, beauty bloggers are skilled at weaving messaging into their work.

Beauty audiences are hungry – let’s feed them!

Product reviews, giveaways and interviews work well on a beauty blog, while eBooks are a popular way to integrate product and advertising.  Because cosmetics and other beauty items are both desirable and suitable as online currency, reviews and giveaways work a treat.  Big brands do very well, niche brands that solve a singular problem also create a lot of buzz – and our specialty is locating just the right niche blogger for your needs!

Social media shout outs are effective, as are product mentions in YouTube tutorials and on Instagram.

Got a local Beauty business? Why brand meets blog is the only choice!

How to best use Australian Beauty bloggers to promote your brand

Brand Meets Blog has hundreds highly engaged Australian beauty bloggers exceeding expectations and getting results for businesses just like yours. Whatever your business and brand needs are, our top tier and niche beauty bloggers will get you the outcome you want! In addition to our bloggers with a national presence you can also:

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