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Forget travel agents with glossy brochures and out-of-date guidebooks, the average traveller is switching to social media and online content to plan their travel.  In fact 80% of people booking a holiday turn to Google and Social for information and suggestions. (Google Trends).  Travel bloggers have become the go-to guide for travel-hungry consumers seeking authentic advice on top travel destinations, experiences and stays.  Tap into Australian travel bloggers to give your marketing campaign a creative edge and raise brand awareness like never before.

Travel bloggers and brands – a perfect match

Travel bloggers are renowned for authentic and engaging content that highlights their passion for travel. They have a knack for subtly integrating brand messaging into content from their own travel blog to social media and video.

They are skilled at influencing travellers’ choice of destination, flights, experiences, accommodation, restaurants, technology and even fashion. They are highly active on social media and produce visually beautiful and engaging content for their targeted audience of wannabe travellers.

Successful travel blogger partnerships can increase your brand’s visibility and drive sales.

Which brands work with travel bloggers?

Travel agencies, airlines, tour companies and destination experiences have all achieved success with travel blogs Australia. Hotels, hostels and restaurants regularly partner with travel bloggers, as do tech and fashion brands. What better way to sell an action camera than on a blogger kayaking down New Zealand’s Fiordland? How about the travel blogger who would have frozen her butt off in Canada’s rocky mountains if it wasn’t for her ultra-warm down jacket? See where we’re going here? The opportunities are endless.

The top travel bloggers all do these things!

Deliver visually stunning content

Travel blogging is all about selling the experience. Travel bloggers do this best with superb imagery across various mediums from Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook to YouTube. Even blog post content is accompanied with spectacular images that tell their own story.

Provide useful content

Practical tips, how-to guides, and travel dos and don’ts, travel bloggers are useful to their audience. They are experts at informing the travel decisions of consumers in real and engaging ways.

Careful integration of products and messaging

Travel bloggers are skilled at subtly promoting products and brands. Their gift for story-telling ensures the integration of a brands key messaging is natural and relevant.

Travel audiences are hungry for your brand – here’s how to serve them best

Promotion via social media is essential for brands working with travel bloggers. Social media check-ins at hotels and restaurants, and great social snaps at destinations are a winner. Professionally edited videos showcasing experiences, accommodation and food are effective.

Imagery should be fun and engaging, supported with practical blog content. It must not be too formal or salesy potentially lessening the impact of your campaign.

Got a local travel business? Why Brand Meets Blog is the only choice!

Brand Meets Blog has 300 highly influential Australian travel bloggers. Whatever your business needs, we can connect you with the best travel blogs to leverage your campaign. In addition to our bloggers with a national presence you can also connect with:

  •  More than 65 Travel Bloggers in Sydney & NSW
  • More than 75 Travel Bloggers in Melbourne & Victoria
  •  More than 45 Travel Bloggers in Perth & Western Australia
  •  More than 60 Travel Bloggers in ACT, NT, TAS & NZ
  •  More than 55 Travel Bloggers in Brisbane & Queensland

How to best use Australian travel bloggers to promote your brand

Travel bloggers best promote brands through real-life experience. Invite bloggers for a weekend away at your South Australian winery, wine and dine them at your top Melbourne restaurant, or let them experience your family-friendly Gold Coast resort. Australian travel bloggers will share their experience across social media and their blog. Ask them to tag your business, check-in at your restaurant or travel destination, and share photos.

Check out our travel blogger campaign with QANTAS


QANTAS food and travel bloggers on Instagram

Campaign type:  Event

Campaign goals:  Awareness raising

QANTAS came to us to help raise awareness about their sumptuous new in-flight menu via their “Feels Like Home” campaign.  Brand Meets Blog reached out to local travel, food and lifestyle bloggers with Instagram influence.  Qantas was delighted with the chatter on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for the event as their message received hundreds of positive comments, likes, regrams and chatter.

Travel blogger on news

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