Stop Underestimating The Australian Mummy Blogger – There’s Power In Influence

Stop Underestimating Australian Mummy Bloggers RIGHT NOW

Mummy Blogger – the very term makes you cringe.  It conjures up images of bored housewives ranting about oven cleaner.  Frankly, there aren’t many bloggers in the parenting niche who’d refer to themselves as “mummy” because of all those connotations.  The reality is… bloggers like The Organised Housewife and Stay At Home Mum might be talking about oven cleaner, but they’re doing it to millions of Australian women. They’re doing it at the top of search results, they’re doing it for big bucks.  How do you harness the power of the authoritative female voice and turn it into excellent ROI?


Australian mummy blogger filming while reading book to baby

Bloggers as Influencers

It’s not just about the oven cleaner, mummy bloggers in Australia are a diverse lot – pharmacists, teachers, political entities, marketing professionals, business women…. women who have a wealth of experience in their professional field, and a love of writing.  Finding a blogger who is talking to, and more importantly, being listened to by, your audience is the single most crucial step to get good ROI from your mummy blogger outreach.  That’s where Brand Meets Blog managed blogger outreach campaigns come in – we do the most important steps for you.

The side benefits of mummy blogger outreach campaigns

Influence and brand exposure are the core goals of any blogger outreach campaign.  You should be looking for increased brand awareness first, and some sales second.  The biggest side benefit for businesses we’ve worked with has been SEO value. Note that we don’t “sell followed links” and we are not interested in being part of your link farm or associated with your private blog network.  That’s just not what we do. Why would we?  It’s not 1999 anymore. What we do is create quality, clickable content that ticks all the Google best practice boxes.

  • Content with higher dwell times.  Influential mummy bloggers have a tribe of readers who look forward to their next post.  They read the post.  They don’t scan, they’re here for a reading experience.
  • Rich content.  Bloggers are the antithesis of most businesses.  Businesses struggle to create enticing content… bloggers do nothing but that.  So your brand becomes part of a large, rich content site.  Your mummy blogger is not only a master storyteller, she’s a pro-photographer, a social media manager, podcaster, author and often, a videographer too.
  • Click through rate. When a pro writer creates meta tags, they’re creating a passionate and interesting reason to read their stuff.  They’re not SEOs.  Our bloggers know enough about keywording to achieve solid SEO results for their blogs but it’s all about crafting the ultimate click through hook, not just in SERPs but on socials too.
  • Bounce rate.  Blogs traditionally have the highest bounce rate of just about any site structure but savvy bloggers know to keep readers on their blogs for as many screens as they can.  They know the tricks, and it’s not about commercial conversion, so the reader has no boundaries to staying on site and settling in.
  • Social signals.  Bloggers rock social signals. They live and breathe social.  Their content is liked, shared and discussed in depth.  They’re connected.  They’re part of the Australian blogosphere and referenced and followed by other bloggers. They’re LEGIT.

All this adds up to ticking Google boxes.  The boxes a simple followed link from a benchmarked DA can’t actually provide.  Will you get followed links from your blogger outreach campaign?  Probably not.  Will it matter?  Nope.  There’s more to SEO than link building.  So much more.  200+ factors more.

Blog Engagement on influencer campaigns

Case studies on mummy bloggers and SEO results

In partnership with our sister company Talk About Creative, Brand Meets Blog has participated in two specific case studies on the impact of mummy blogger campaigns and SEO.

Single Blogger, Multiple Content Pieces

A health industry professional paired with one of our professional bloggers providing a series of industry “expert content pieces” on a highly relevant topic.  The object of the campaign was to provide highly trustworthy and authority content for parents of young children.  The blogger DA is 26.  The keyword is 1600 average searches per month.  Click through price is US4.93 and classed as medium competition. The links were a mix of follow and no follow with mixed anchors.  The result:

Brand rank for keyword prior to experiment: Slot 80 in February 2018

Brand rank for keyword after publication: 7

Current brand ranking (25 days post experiment) : 3

Number of new keywords associated with target page: 5

SEMRush landing page estimated traffic value prior to experiment: US$83

Current SEMRush landing page estimated traffic value: US$834 (calculated on the approximate cost of traffic if acquired using Adwords)

Blogger Outreach Event

Multiple Bloggers, Via Event

A seasonal gift company provided product to five low DA (all under 20) mummy bloggers and a nanna blogger.   The object of the campaign was to create fun images and reviews of the client’s festive Christmas product.  The keyword is 5400 average searches per month peaking at 191080 searches in the peak season.  Click through price is US1.42 but the keyword is classed as very high competition in the peak period. The links were all no follow with mixed anchors. The work was performed PRIOR to other marketing activity for the period. The result:

 Brand rank for keyword prior to experiment: Slot 81

Brand rank for keyword after publication: 8

Number of new keywords associated with target page: 6

Results: Over $100K increase in organic funnel conversions on the target page in the company’s annual peak period.

 What kind of mummy blogger activity should you use for your brand?

Every brand has different needs and so Brand Meets Blog crafts unique campaigns around those needs.  What do you need?  These are some suggestions on how to grow your brand, sales and SEO value using mummy blogger outreach.

Launch a product or increase visibility in competitive peak season

  • Fully managed blogger events
  • Sponsored photoshoots and reviews
  • Blogger appearances and hosting at launch
  • Content marketing campaigns, expert pieces
  • Call to action based display advertising
  • Remarketing campaigns (social and AdWords)

Build brand awareness over a long period on most budgets

If you’re paying for SEO every month (or providing it for clients) you know it’s not cheap and it’s hard to get high quality work done on budget.  Talk to us about a drip feed campaign – building both brand awareness and all those smarter Google signals (go beyond followed links, it’s not 1999 anymore).  Our drip feed campaigns are all carefully crafted month by month and have guaranteed on time deliverables – just book and go.

Stop doing SEO like it’s 1999 – mummy bloggers are the new SERP whisperers

If you’ve ever doubted your SEO company, if you’ve ever cringed at poor quality writing from crappy private blog networks, you’re in the right place right now.  Talk to us right now.

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